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NEWS UPDATE October 29, 2023

Top Story

Auto execs are coming clean: EVs aren’t working

By Alexa St. John and Nora Naughton, Insider  •    •  Posted October 29, 2023

With signs of growing inventory and slowing sales, auto industry executives admitted this week that their ambitious electric vehicle plans are in jeopardy, at least in the near term. Several C-Suite leaders at some of the biggest carmakers voiced fresh unease about the electric car market’s growth as concerns over the viability of these vehicles put their multi-billion-dollar electrification strategies at risk. [ read more … ]

Carbon Capture

Valero evaluating carbon emissions sequestration options after pipeline partner scraps project

By Sara DiNatale, San Antonio Express News  •    •  Posted October 29, 2023

“We still see carbon capture and storage as a strategic opportunity to reduce the carbon intensity of conventional ethanol, which would also qualify it as a feedstock for sustainable aviation fuel,” Valero’s vice president of investors relations, Homer Bhullar, said during the company’s third-quarter earnings call on Thursday. “Without carbon capture and storage, conventional ethanol does not have a pathway into (sustainable aviation fuel) under today’s policies.” [ read more … ]


Is gas ‘clean’? States rebrand energy to meet electricity targets.

By Zach Bright, E&E News  •    •  Posted October 29, 2023

“Biomass is a fuel that’s combusted. And we have combustion, you have emissions of lots of different gases … not just greenhouse gases, but air pollutants, some of which have a direct or indirect global warming impact but also have human and ecological health effects,” said Garvin Heath, a senior environmental scientist and energy analyst at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. “Mathematically, it’s carbon-neutral,” de la Mora said. “But you’re still releasing carbon dioxide into the environment. … Just because on paper it’s clean, it doesn’t mean it’s like that in real life.” [ read more … ]


New House Speaker Champions Fossil Fuels and Dismisses Climate Concerns

By Lisa Friedman, New York Times  •    •  Posted October 29, 2023

Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana, the newly elected House speaker, has questioned climate science, opposed clean energy and received more campaign contributions from oil and gas companies than from any other industry last year. Even as other Republican lawmakers increasingly accept the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity is dangerously heating the planet, the unanimous election of Mr. Johnson on Wednesday suggests that his views may not be out of step with the rest of his party. [ read more … ]

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s First Big Bill Cuts Biden’s Climate Change Funding

By Ari Nater, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted October 29, 2023

The first major legislation House Republicans passed under newly installed Speaker Mike Johnson would cut billions of dollars in consumer rebates for energy efficiency upgrades included in President Joe Biden’s signature climate law. The $58 billion measure, which funds the Energy Department and other agencies, rescinds more than $5.5 billion from the Inflation Reduction Act, including a $4.5 billion program for homeowners to switch to more energy efficient appliances and a $1 billion grant program to help states craft more stringent building energy codes. [ read more … ]

Senate Republicans look for cover in carbon tariff push

By Emma Dumain, Kelsey Brugger, E&E News  •    •  Posted October 29, 2023

Ahead of new legislation that would impose a tariff on carbon-intensive imported goods, Sen. Bill Cassidy wants to send a message: It’s not a carbon tax. That’s why the Louisiana Republican is sponsoring a resolution expressing disapproval for a carbon tax, specifically. “People confuse the two, and we have to make sure there is no confusion,” Cassidy told E&E News on Thursday afternoon. “What we’re proposing is not a domestic carbon tax, and it is not intended to lead to a domestic carbon tax. [The resolution] makes that clear.” [ read more … ]

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