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NEWS UPDATE October 5, 2023

Top Story

Why Trump and the Rest of the G.O.P. Won’t Stop Bashing Electric Vehicles

By Jonathan Weisman, New York Times  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

Opposing electric cars — and the industry’s ongoing shift away from internal-combustion engines to battery power — allows Republican candidates to criticize China, the dominant economic force in the battery industry. It also pleases G.O.P. voters still hostile to the notion of climate change — what Mr. Ramaswamy disparaged Wednesday night as “that God-forsaken religion, the climate cult” and “the E.V. subsidy cult” — and to all things environmental and “woke.” And it evokes a nostalgic halcyon past, the same one that Mr. Trump conjured when he promised in 2016 to bring back coal mines, steel mills and basic manufacturing. [ read more … ]

Carbon Capture

Summit hearing in Iowa to be extended into November

By Jared Strong, Iowa Capital Dispatch  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

Testimony for Summit Carbon Solutions’ evidentiary hearing for a pipeline permit in Iowa isn’t expected to conclude this week, and it might not resume until November. “We anticipate issuing an order early next week, laying out being here in November for a very limited amount of time,” Erik Helland, chairperson of the Iowa Utilities Board, said Wednesday. The hearing for Summit’s proposed carbon dioxide pipeline system is in its seventh week of testimony. The board had initially intended to conclude after six weeks and reserved a venue in Fort Dodge for that time [ read more … ]

Iowa regulators agree to let Navigator pause its plan to build carbon capture pipeline

By Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

Iowa regulators have agreed to let Navigator CO2 Ventures pause its plan to build a carbon capture pipeline across Iowa while the Omaha, Nebraska, company awaits regulatory action on a crucial section of the pipeline in Illinois, an order filed this week says. In a separate announcement Wednesday, the Iowa Utilities Board also said it would cancel it next three regular monthly board meetings due to a “high volume of docket proceedings.” [ read more … ]

DOE Opens $27 Million Funding Opportunity To Support FEED Projects For Regional CO2 Transport Networks

BY ERIN VOEGELE, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

The funding will support front-end engineering and design projects for regional CO2 transport networks to safely transport captured CO2 from key sources to centralized locations. The projects will focus on carbon transport costs, transport network configurations, and technical and commercial considerations that support broad efforts to develop and deploy carbon capture, conversion, and storage at commercial scale. According to the DOE, the CO2 may be transported by any single mode of transport, including pipelines, rail, trucks, barges, or ships.  [ read more … ]


How United and Other US Airlines Lost Momentum on Sustainable Jet Fuel

By Ben Elgin, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

United has publicly embraced the enormity of the challenge. In an interview, Chief Executive Officer Scott Kirby sounds almost like an environmental activist at times, describing himself as an “admitted climate change geek going all the way back to college.” He’s concerned that the public still doesn’t fully grasp the looming dangers of our warming planet and says airlines must play a “leading role” to help solve the crisis. But United’s leadership in sustainable fuels hasn’t matched its rhetoric. United consumed 2.9 million gallons of SAF last year, representing 0.08% of its fuel supply. That puts the company slightly ahead of its US counterparts but far behind several airlines in Europe, which have to prepare to meet new requirements that don’t exist in the US. [ read more … ]


Retreating gasoline prices offer a bright spot for Biden

By Ben Lefebvre, Politico  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

U.S. gasoline demand dropped sharply last week, according to a government report released Wednesday, a decline that came as oil prices pulled back, indicating that inflationary pressure from energy costs could be easing and offering some political breathing space for President Joe Biden on the economy. [ read more … ]


What happens if the Supreme Court overturns Chevron?

By Aron Solomon, The Hill  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

The question revolves around whether such deference is required if a law does not address controversial powers expressly but narrowly granted elsewhere in a statute, and there is no ambiguity in the statute. The Supreme Court agreed to reconsider its ruling in Chevron after considering the case at five consecutive conferences.   If the court were to overturn Chevron, it could have several important legal and practical implications.  [ read more … ]


New speaker could take House GOP backward on climate

By Emma Dumain, E&E News  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

Whoever succeeds Kevin McCarthy as House speaker will almost certainly be a friend of fossil fuel interests and a likely skeptic of the fight against climate change. The prospect is prompting worries among some green conservatives who appreciated the California Republican’s efforts to move the party away from straight-up climate science denialism. Those advocates see the current slate of candidates as either untested on or outright hostile to policies designed to address a warming planet. [ read more … ]


America’s High EV Costs Are Driving Buyers to Hybrids

By Keith Naughton, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted October 5, 2023

More than a quarter-century ago, Toyota Motor Corp. introduced the Prius, a car with a new technology—a small gasoline engine paired with a relatively large battery—that would become a darling of the green movement. But in recent years those hybrids fell out of favor as automakers raced to develop fully electric vehicles, which captured generous government incentives and sparked the imaginations of forward-thinking drivers. Now hybrids are making a comeback as would-be electric vehicle buyers are increasingly put off by stiff sticker prices and spotty charging infrastructure. [ read more … ]

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