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NEWS UPDATE June 28, 2023

Top Story

Renewable diesel boom competing with ethanol in RFS

By Philip Brasher, Agri-Pulse  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

Renewable diesel isn’t just the hottest biofuel on the market, it also is swiping a significant slice of corn ethanol’s share of the Renewable Fuel Standard, according to EPA. EPA’s new biofuel usage targets, or Renewable Volume Obligations, for 2023 through 2025 project strong growth for biomass-based diesel, which includes conventional biodiesel as well as renewable diesel, and stagnating sales of corn ethanol.  [ read more … ]


California’s Gas ‘Price Gouging’ Bill Is Now in Effect

By NACS Daily  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

In response to record high gas prices, the Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, signed a law (SBX1-2) into effect that his office describes as an effort to “combat price gouging at the pump.”Californians paid an average of $6.294 per gallon in June of 2022, with gas prices routinely topping $5. Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley), who authored the bill, said, “Californians faced outrageously high gas prices last year, prices that strained family budgets an extra $600 or more a month. In calling for immediate action, Governor Newsom responded decisively in proposing SBX1-2, the strongest, most effective transparency and oversight measure in the nation.” [ read more … ]

Climate Litigation

In a Montana Courtroom, Debate Over Whether States Can Make a Difference on Climate Change, and if They Have a Responsibility to Try

By Richard Forbes, Inside Climate News  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

The plaintiffs filed their complaint against Montana’s entire executive branch, alleging that by prioritizing the permitting of fossil fuel extraction, their state was betraying their right to a “clean and healthful environment” as guaranteed in the state’s constitution. The plaintiffs, ages 5 to 22, argued that, even in the face of this global issue, small-scale actions from state governments matter. The state argued the opposite: that if Montana can’t fix the problem of climate change by itself, the courts shouldn’t hold it responsible to redress a harm it can’t correct on its own. Despite the state’s best attempts to have the case thrown out, the plaintiffs had made it to court, where they sat in front of Judge Kathy Seeley for seven long, disorienting days as the two sides argued about two completely different ways of seeing the world. [ read more … ]


Farmers need more incentives to cut emissions — report

By Marc Heller, E&E News  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

The report said farmers worldwide will need greater incentives — including higher payments in carbon markets — to make greenhouse gas reductions economically convincing. And the consultants identified familiar themes such as as reducing food waste and cutting down on meat consumption as off-farm measures that could help toward the climate goal. McKinsey is a global management consulting firm. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

Biden prepares economic pitch with energy focus

By Robin Bravender, E&E News  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

Top White House officials are previewing the speech in Chicago as a “major address” where the president will discuss his economic vision, which the administration is dubbing “Bidenomics.” He’ll lay out “his vision for growing the economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top-down,” according to the White House. Clean energy investments fueled by the climate law enacted last year are expected to be central to his speech. [ read more … ]


Greens prevail in Supreme Court elections case

By Pamela King, E&E News  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

The Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected a Republican argument that would have dramatically overhauled federal elections and made it harder for liberal, pro-environment candidates to land in office.
In a 6-3 ruling led by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court tossed out a once-fringe argument by North Carolina GOP lawmakers to give state legislatures virtually unchecked power to set election rules and draw congressional maps. [ read more … ]


Planning an EV Road Trip? Good Luck Finding a Hotel With a Charger

By Keith Laing, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted June 28, 2023

For those who don’t already own an EV, rental car giants like Hertz Global Holdings Inc. offer plenty of options across the cost spectrum. And there are more than 63,000 places to plug in on the road scattered around the US and Canada, with more coming soon at major gas stations. But EV chargers are still largely absent from one crucial node on many a road trip: hotels and inns. [ read more … ]

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