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NEWS UPDATE May 30, 2023

Top Story

G.O.P. in Revolt Over Biden-McCarthy Debt Limit Deal as Bill Faces First Test

By Carl Hulse and Catie Edmondson, New York Times  •    •  Posted May 30, 2023

Hard-right Republicans were in open revolt on Tuesday over Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deal with President Biden to raise the government debt ceiling and set federal spending limits, threatening the legislation — and potentially Mr. McCarthy’s job — as the bill began an obstacle-laden route through Congress. “Not one Republican should vote for this bill,” Representative Chip Roy, a Texas Republican and influential member of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus, said at a news conference outside the Capitol. “We will continue to fight it today, tomorrow, and no matter what happens, there’s going to be a reckoning about what just occurred unless we stop this bill by tomorrow.” [ read more … ]

Debt Limit Agreement

Parties lining up votes for debt deal amid backlash

By Nidhi Prakash, E&E News  •    •  Posted May 30, 2023

Republican and Democratic leaders are looking to secure enough support for the debt ceiling and energy permitting compromise before a planned vote Wednesday. This weekend, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and President Joe Biden announced that — after weeks of haggling — they had reached a deal to raise the debt ceiling, cut spending and address long-standing energy permitting worries. [ read more … ]


EPA urged to drop air rule for small fuel distributors ahead of deadline

By Inside EPA  •    •  Posted May 30, 2023

A group of 84 lawmakers — 82 Republicans, two Democrats — is urging EPA to drop its plans to require tougher air emissions controls on small bulk gasoline distributors ahead of the agency’s June 1 deadline to finalize the rule, arguing that the high costs of compliance would be infeasible, threatening fuel supplies to some users. [ read more … ]


New measure expected to increase demand for ethanol-based fuels in Illinois

By Country Herald  •    •  Posted May 30, 2023

A new measure poised to significantly impact the demand for ethanol-based fuels has passed the Illinois Senate.  Championed by State Senator Patrick Joyce, the legislation introduces a range of tax credits and exemptions designed to benefit Illinois farmers and bolster the state’s corn industry. The key provision of the bill raises the ethanol level required for fuel to qualify for a tax exemption on sales.  [ read more … ]


Montana judge refuses to cancel first U.S. climate trial

By Lesley Clark, E&E News  •    •  Posted May 30, 2023

A Montana judge has rejected one plank of a youth-led lawsuit that challenges the state’s climate record but denied the state’s effort to torpedo what next month will become the first climate lawsuit in the U.S. to go to trial. Judge Kathy Seeley of the 1st District Court, who is scheduled to hear the case in her Helena courtroom, sided with the state last week by denying plaintiffs’ claim that Montana’s recently revoked State Energy Policy “perpetuates a fossil-fuel based energy system that causes and contributes to the climate crisis.” [ read more … ]


Taking an electric car on the road is still a gamble in America

By Brooke Masters, Financial Times  •    •  Posted May 30, 2023

For the past few months, our new electric car has worked like a charm. One of the first BMW iX SUVs to hit the US market, it draws compliments from garage attendants and car buffs, and the rapid charger we installed in our garage easily powers it up for the daily commute. Then we tried to take it on the road. A charging station black hole across much of the Midwest made that route impossible. Then, along the allegedly well-served highways between Boston, New York and Washington, we repeatedly encountered unresponsive touch screens, non-linking connectors and very slow charging. At one spot with eight stations, the first three we tried didn’t work. [ read more … ]

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