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NEWS UPDATE May 7, 2023

Top Story

Drought parches America’s breadbasket

By Marc Heller, E&E News  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

Usually by early March, the hard red winter wheat on Pat Janssen’s farm is green and high enough to cover his ankles. This year, he had to bend down to see it sprouting, six months after planting.
“This is embarrassing,” Janssen said as he pulled a sprout from the pale, dusty ground for a closer look. The skimpy, poorly developed roots tell the story, he said, of a crop that’s failed so far in just about every way — no good for grazing cattle, and questionable for harvesting grain later in the year. [ read more … ]


Why Porsche is investing $100 million on eFuels

By Robert Ferris, CNBC  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

Porsche has invested more than $100 million in the development of eFuels. The company argues that fully converting its 1.4 billion-vehicle global fleet to electric vehicles will take too long to meet climate change mitigation goals, so it has decided to go this new route. “With this approach we have another lever, another opportunity to reduce the CO2 footprint for the combustion engine-driven cars,” said Karl Dums, senior manager of eFuels at Porsche. Before he joined the project, Dums was one of the engineers who worked on the Taycan, automaker’s first EV. [ read more … ]


Our lawmakers are only buying time for biofuels

By Art Cullen, Iowa Capital Dispatch  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

You can’t just pull the plug on ethanol and corn markets. It would be an economic disaster. But neither should we delude ourselves into thinking that we can pin our prosperity around corn ethanol burned by the ground transportation fleet. Our biofuel infrastructure needs help on transitioning to its next phase, not spending all our political capital defending the old structure. … The Mayans thought they could pull it off, too. I wish they would send a postcard to tell me how that all worked out. [ read more … ]

Despite what you may think, ethanol isn’t dead yet

BY Max Graham, Grist  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

Given all that, not to mention the growing popularity of electric vehicles, you’d think ethanol is on the way out. Not so. Politicians across the ideological spectrum continue to tout it as a way to win energy independence and save the climate. The fuel’s bipartisan staying power has less to do with any environmental benefits than with disputed science and the sway of the biofuel lobby, agricultural economists and policy analysts told Grist. [ read more … ]


Republican debt bill, climate cuts get Senate thrashing

By Emma Dumain, E&E News  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

How far apart are Republicans and Democrats on the debt limit crisis? Very, very far, if a Thursday hearing on the matter is any indication. On the Republican side, Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah scoffed that the proceedings of the Senate Budget Committee were “really embarrassing.” Sen. Roger Marshall of Kansas poked at Democrats in wanting to know who was America’s “climate god.” (He suggested two climate-focused former Democratic presidential nominees.) [ read more … ]


Zombie Cars Are All Around Us, and More Are on the Way

By Kyle Stock, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

The arc of automotive history is long and littered with the corpses of auto corporations.  As the transition to electric vehicles brings an entirely new cohort of car companies into existence — many of them still struggling to manufacture at scale — more drivers than ever are facing the zombie threat. Lucid Group Inc., for example, could be the next Ford Motor Co., or it could be another Saab story. The same goes for Rivian Automotive Inc., Lordstown Motors Corp. and a crowd of other freshman carmakers. Some EV buyers are clamoring to snap up these vehicles while few of them exist in the wild, but others worry about an exciting novelty turning into an ownership nightmare. [ read more … ]

U.S. electric-vehicle startups set for another quarter of steep cash burn

By Akash Sriram, Reuters  •    •  Posted May 7, 2023

– U.S. electric-vehicle startups are expected to report another quarter of dwindling cash reserves next week, piling pressure on a group of companies that are struggling to ramp up production and have few options for funding in a turbulent economy. Having gone public with hopes of shaking up the automobile industry, these companies have seen their market valuations evaporate in the past few months as EV demand slows and market leader Tesla Inc cuts prices to stoke orders. [ read more … ]


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