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NEWS UPDATE March 19, 2023

Top Story

Canadian Biofuels Producers Feeling Heat From New Producer’s Tax Credit in US

By Todd Neeley, Progressive Farmer  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

A change in U.S. law to the blender’s tax credit for biodiesel and renewable diesel as part of the Inflation Reduction Act is seen as a boon for U.S. producers. According to a Western Producer news story published on Thursday, however, the Biden administration’s move to provide the credit to U.S. producers only is expected to have what the publication says will be a “devastating” effect on Canadian biodiesel and renewable diesel producers. The IRA switches the blender’s tax credit for the two renewable fuels to a producer’s credit effective on Dec. 31, 2024. U.S. producers alone will be eligible for tax credits of 20 cents to $1 per gallon, depending on the carbon intensity of the fuels produced.
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Competition From the US Is Forcing Europe to Up Its Green Game

By Laura Millan Lombrana, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

Eight months after passage of the lavish US climate law, the European Union is considering a policy response that marginally improves on the three-year-old Green Deal roadmap for tackling climate change over a decade. The measures set to be proposed by the European Commission later this week don’t suggest a Washington-vs.-Brussels arms race for the green future. New policies in the Net-Zero Industry Act would accelerate permitting and set production targets for technologies including solar panels, wind turbines, heat pumps, batteries and electrolyzers, according to a draft document reviewed by Bloomberg. 
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E.U. enters clean-energy arms race against the U.S.

By Sara Schonhardt, E&E News  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

The European Commission unveiled a series of proposals on Thursday aimed at injecting life into Europe’s clean energy industries and securing the minerals that are critical for a global transition away from fossil fuels. The initiatives come as the E.U. tries to rapidly cut its carbon emissions without denting its ability to compete with the United States and other countries that are doubling down on their own clean tech transformations. [ read more … ]


EPA: 1 new SRE petition filed, 25 SRE petitions now pending

By Erin Voegele, ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

The U.S. EPA on March 16 released updated data showing that one small refinery exemption (SRE) petition has been filed under the Renewable Fuel Standard over the past month. A total of 25 SRE petitions are now pending, up from 24 that were pending as of mid-February. The newly filed SRE petition is for compliance year 2022. The 25 pending SRE petitions now include one for compliance year 2016, one for compliance year 2017, three for compliance year 2018, 11 for compliance year 2021, eight for compliance year 2022, and one for compliance year 2023. [ read more … ]


Big Oil Prepares for Upheaval at the Gas Station

By Carol Ryan, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

The shift to more sustainable sources of energy will change how people use gas stations. Instead of everyone filling their tanks at the pump, some drivers will need fast-charging points, while others might eventually want low-carbon fuels. Gas stations will need to cater to a wider variety of technologies than in the past. It will also be important to be a good retailer. A customer refueling a conventional car spends five to six minutes on average on the forecourt. Even with fast charging, an EV owner might hang around for 25 minutes.
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Meet the methane-fueled machine with the oomph of a diesel tractor

By Kyle Stock, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

Remember that scene in Back to the Future where Doc Brown pulls up in a flying DeLorean sports car, stuffs a bunch of garbage into it for fuel and blasts off? That, essentially, is what’s happening on the Trenance Farm. It is one of the first places in the world where one can find a tractor that runs exclusively on methane, the completely natural and highly polluting byproduct of pretty much any organic decomposition. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

White House: Biden’s hands were tied on Willow

By Robin Bravender, E&E News  •    •  Posted March 19, 2023

The White House on Thursday defended the administration’s decision to approve a massive oil and gas drilling project in Alaska after widespread criticisms that the move undercuts President Joe Biden’s promises on climate change and the environment.The Interior Department announced earlier this week that it had approved a scaled-back version of ConocoPhillips’ plans to drill in the northeast portion of the National Petroleum Reserve on Alaska’s North Slope. The announcement came after decades of industry effort to advance the project since the oil and gas giant first acquired leases during the Clinton administration. [ read more … ]

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