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NEWS UPDATE December 14, 2022

Top Story

DOE releases record funding for removing carbon

By Corbin Hiar, Carlos Anchondo, E&E News  •    •  Posted December 14, 2022

A high-stakes race that will shape the future of direct air capture technology has officially begun. The Department of Energy fired the starting gun Tuesday with the release of guidelines the agency will follow when awarding $3.5 billion for four regional hubs that aim to rapidly scale up systems for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. That prize money, which comes from the bipartisan infrastructure law of 2021, will be distributed over the next five years in two prize competitions. [ read more … ]


Grassley comments on EPA’s proposed ethanol and advanced biofuels blending requirements

By Mark Magnuson, Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network  •    •  Posted December 14, 2022

Iowa U.S. Senator, Chuck Grassley, says that the EPA should raise blending requirements for soy diesel produced from soybeans to allow for more of the product in the marketplace. Grassley says that the EPA should reflect on its initial proposal and make changes. Grassley says that the large difference in blending requirements for different biofuels is partly a result of poor communication between government agencies. [ read more … ]


Senate to vote on Manchin’s permitting overhaul

By Nick Sobczyk, E&E News  •    •  Posted December 14, 2022

Sen. Joe Manchin will get a floor vote on his environmental permitting overhaul, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters Tuesday. It’s a move that will roil environmental groups, but the bill has a shaky outlook on the floor, with an unusual partnership of progressives and Republicans ready to oppose it. [ read more … ]


Ethanol Stocks Swell, Production Down

By John Perkins, Brownfield  •    •  Posted December 14, 2022

Ongoing demand uncertainties and declining margins are contributing to a decline in ethanol demand. The U.S. Energy Information Administration says production averaged 1.061 million barrels a day, down 16,000 on the week and 26,000 on the year. Iowa State University’s Center for Agricultural and Rural Development reports margins for the average producer in Iowa fell to the lowest levels this year. [ read more … ]


The New Era of Biofuels Raises Environmental Concerns

By Peter Fairley, Scientific American  •    •  Posted December 14, 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is squeezing global oil supplies and inflation is jacking up prices at the pumps. Although petrol prices have started to fall in recent months, the situation has delivered a powerful reminder of the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. It also means biofuels are having a moment. The corn-ethanol industry boasts that blending its product into petrol is saving consumers money and creating jobs in the farming communities that supply its distilleries. [ read more … ]


Ahead of shift to EVs, auto industry makes slow progress on efficiency

By Timothy Puko, Washington Post  •    •  Posted December 14, 2022

American automakers are starting to reduce tailpipe emissions again after several years of stalled improvements in fuel efficiency, according to new federal data released Monday, a product of the Biden administration restoring rules eased by Trump officials. U.S. passenger cars and light duty trucks are on course to get about 5% more efficient in the most recent model year, 2022, averaging more than 26 miles per gallon for the first time, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA released these estimates Monday as part of an annual report on the country’s auto fleet, a leading source of greenhouse-gas emissions. [ read more … ]

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