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NEWS UPDATE December 19, 2012

Cellulosic Biofuel to Surge in 2013 as First Plants Open

By Andrew Herndon, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted December 19, 2012

Cellulosic biofuel companies will boost production almost 20-fold in 2013 as the first high-volume refineries go into operation, signaling a shift from an experimental fuel into a commercially viable industry. Production of the fuel made from crop waste, wood chips, household trash and other non-food organic sources will reach 9.6 million gallons (36 million liters) in 2013, up from less than 500,000 gallons this year, according to data compiled by the U.S. Energy Information Administration and obtained by Bloomberg News. [ read more … ]

Court dismisses part of oil industry suit over 2011 cellulosic levels

Amanda Peterka, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted December 19, 2012

A federal court has dismissed part of an oil industry group’s lawsuit against U.S. EPA over the agency’s 2011 cellulosic biofuel requirements. In an order yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said the petition by the American Petroleum Institute was filed well beyond the 60-day deadline for judicial review of an agency’s action. [ read more … ]

U.S. Throws Gas on Sugar Market

By ALEXANDRA WEXLER, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted December 19, 2012

Commodities investors, analysts and ethanol producers say the opening of America’s ethanol market and rising demand for sugar-based ethanol in the U.S. and Brazil could end the recent slide in sugar prices. Futures prices have fallen 17% this year because many traders are expecting a big sugar crop out of Brazil next year. Brazilian ethanol has flooded the U.S. market before, only to drop sharply later. Analysts and investors say the latest ramp-up in ethanol imports is likely to be sustained. Ethanol output in the U.S. is declining, and federal regulations require that gasoline manufacturers boost their use of a category of renewable fuel that includes sugar ethanol but excludes its corn counterpart. [ read more … ]

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