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NEWS UPDATE March 30, 2022

Top Story

Cheap ethanol drives French demand for gasoline engine conversion kits

By Forrest Crellin and Sybille de La Hamaide, Reuters  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

Sales of kits that let gasoline engines run on ethanol are surging in France, as drivers switch to using the sharply cheaper crop-based fuel at a time of soaring oil prices. Self-styled market leader FlexFuel Energy Development says it delivered 6,400 conversion kits in the first 22 days of March, up 80% from 3,468 in February and nearly three times January’s 2,166, data from the company showed. [ read more … ]


Rep. Craig Hopes EPA Will Allow Year Round E15

By Cindy Zimmerman, AgWired  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

Last week, Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) and several of her colleagues introduced the bipartisan Home Front Energy Independence Act, in an effort to expand the production and availability of American biofuels and lower energy costs for working families. “At the gas pump this past weekend E15 was anywhere from 30 cents to 50 cents (less), and we found one gas station in a town called Cottage Grove offering E15 at 80 cents less a gallon compared to regular unleaded,” said Craig in an interview Monday. “You’re talking about 20 bucks off the cost of filling your tank!”
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Calls for E15 action face unwritten deadlines

By Spencer Chase, Agri-Pulse  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

In various outreach to Biden – including a bipartisan letter from 16 senators, a letter authored by the Renewable Fuels Association with more than 1,000 signatures from producers, and a letter from Iowa’s congressional delegation, to name a few – the administration is pressed to consider the impacts of rising gas prices due to inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine as justification for the emergency action. A letter from farm and biofuel groups goes as far as to specify three possible steps the administration could take to make it happen. [ read more … ]


Ethanol Diesel Tech Headed to Ag Fields

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

ClearFlame Engine Technologies’ ethanol-diesel engine will head to the field for testing in a John Deere 9-liter model, perhaps in tractors and harvesters in the fourth quarter of 2022, said ClearFlame CEO BJ Johnson. Johnson shared the news with a group of ethanol producers and farmers during a Nebraska Ethanol Board forum in LaVista, Nebraska, last week. Johnson added the company will test the technology in portable box power generators using the same Cummins engine. [ read more … ]

Carbon Capture

Iowans at Capitol push for stronger restrictions on eminent domain for carbon capture pipelines

By Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

Summit and Navigator, along with Archer Daniel Midlands Co., have proposed capturing carbon dioxide emissions from ethanol and other industrial ag plants, liquefying the gas under pressure, then transporting it through the pipelines and sequestering it deep underground at sites in North Dakota and Illinois. The companies say the projects would help ethanol and other energy-intensive agricultural industries remain viable as the nation seeks to cut net greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 to address climate change. But some landowners are unwilling to host the pipeline, saying they are concerned that it will damage cropland. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

DOE details plans for revamping clean energy

By David Iaconangelo, Carlos Anchondo, E&E News  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

The Biden’s administration’s fiscal 2023 budget proposal — which would fund the Energy Department at $48.2 billion, up from nearly $44.9 billion in current spending — is likely to be altered significantly by Congress. But it provides a snapshot of the administration’s priorities, including plans for carbon capture, methane, renewables, electric vehicles and hydrogen technologies.
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US transition to electric vehicles would save over 100,000 lives by 2050 – study

By Nina Lakhani, The Guardian  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

A speedy nationwide transition to electric vehicles powered by renewable energy would save more than 100,000 American lives and $1.2tn in public health costs over the next three decades, according to a new report. Analysis by the American Lung Association highlights the public health damage caused by the world’s dependence on dirty fossil fuels, and provides a glimpse into a greener, healthier future – should political leaders decide to act. [ read more … ]

EVs: The next grid battery for renewables?

By Peter Behr, E&E News  •    •  Posted March 30, 2022

Around noon on Fridays, as a yoga class heats up at a recreation center in Boulder, Colo., electricity flows in from a Nissan Leaf plugged in behind the facility, cutting the city’s utility bill by about $270 a month, or roughly what it costs to lease the car, Boulder official Matthew Lehrman says. The results of this experiment are making a potent point about the nation’s clean energy future, demonstrating vehicle-to-building power supply for controlling electricity costs and extending the reach of wind and solar power, according to David Slutzky, founder and chief executive of Fermata Energy, developer of the software that manages the power transfer. [ read more … ]

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