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NEWS UPDATE January 20, 2022

Top Story

California’s battle to cut emissions with biofuels burns in new truck engines

By Laura Sanicola, Reuters  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

Renewable diesel is touted as a cleaner-burning fuel, but a recent study has shown the fuel falls short on one measure of reducing pollution from new truck engines – giving pause to California regulators who support increased production. However, engines made more recently emit more NOx when running on renewable diesel, especially when blended with 35% biodiesel or more, compared with conventional diesel, according to a study released by California Air Resources Board (CARB) in November. That could affect the way regulators revise the LCFS, which spurred investment in renewable diesel, made from fats and vegetable oils.

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BBB Bill

‘Build Back Better’ Hit a Wall, but Climate Action Could Move Forward

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman, New York Times  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

A small but growing number of Democrats in Congress want to move ahead with the climate portion of President Biden’s stalled spending bill, saying the urgency of a warming planet demands action and they believe they can muster enough votes to muscle it past Republican opposition. Faced with the possibility that Democrats could lose control of Congress in November’s midterm elections, the party is now looking to salvage what it can from the $2.2 trillion Build Back Better Act. The sweeping climate-change and social-policy bill passed the House but came to a halt last month when Joe Manchin III, the West Virginia Democrat and swing vote in the Senate, said he opposed it. [ read more … ]

Biden resets BBB: ‘I think we can break the package up’

By Nick Sobczyk, E&E News  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

President Biden said yesterday he would support breaking up or paring down the “Build Back Better Act,” pointing specifically to the $555 billion in climate spending as a key area of agreement.
“I think we can break the package up, get as much as we can now and come back and fight for the rest later,” Biden said yesterday during a news conference marking nearly one year in office. [ read more … ]

Biden supports removing climate provisions from stalled BBB

By Scott Waldman, E&E News  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

President Biden said yesterday that he’s willing to split up his “Build Back Better” bill to give the stalled measure a chance of passage. And he signaled there was strong support on Capitol Hill for its climate-related provisions. “We’re going to have to probably break it up,” Biden said during a White House press conference. “I’ve been talking to my colleagues on the Hill; it’s clear that we would be able to get support for the 500-plus billion dollars for energy and the environment.”
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Biden’s Price-Cut Promise Wrecked by Oil’s Unrelenting Rise

By Sheela Tobben, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

Joe Biden pledged on Wednesday to push oil prices lower and spare consumers pain at the gas pump, but his efforts so far have failed and he’s got few options left.  U.S. crude prices are now higher than they were in October, when the White House announced a release from the country’s emergency stockpile in coordination with allies. And while unleaded gasoline prices have fallen since a November peak of $3.42 per gallon, they’re climbing again.  [ read more … ]

EPA approves efficient producer pathway for Nebraska plant

By Erin Voegele, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

The U.S. EPA on in December approved an efficient producer pathway for Elkhorn Valley Ethanol LLC’s 50 MMgy ethanol plant located in Norfolk, Nebraska. The approval allows the facility to generate renewable identification numbers (RINs) for non-grandfathered volumes of ethanol. Ethanol plants that have approved efficient producer pathways are able to generate RINs for production volumes above those grandfathered under current Renewable Fuel Standard regulations. When the RFS was established in its current form, the rulemaking grandfathered in the production volume of existing corn ethanol plants. [ read more … ]


Study bashes reconciliation bill’s aviation fuel tax credit

By Marc Heller, E&E News  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

 Critics of a proposed tax credit for sustainable aviation fuel are pushing back with a new report suggesting the U.S. couldn’t keep up with demand — and if it did, the environment would suffer. The International Council on Clean Transportation, an environmental think tank, said it doubts the U.S. can support a 5 billion-gallon-per-year sustainable aviation fuel industry as envisioned by credit proponents, given the need for a big increase in feedstocks such as fats and oils, including from crops like soybeans [ read more … ]

Green House Gas Emissions

RFA says carbon-negative ethanol achievable within decades

By Kellan Heavican, Brownfield  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

Geoff Cooper says one plan to help create zero-carbon ethanol would be to “connect ethanol facilities together via pipeline – to take that CO2 from fermentation and sequester it underground,” he says. “That would have a significant impact on the carbon intensity of corn ethanol.” He says farmers are already using climate-smart practices. “They can drive down the carbon intensity of the feed stock to the point where we’re getting low carbon or zero carbon corn coming into the front gate of the ethanol plant.”
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Mead Ethanol Plant

AltEn Owner Tries to Sell Toxic Biochar

By Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Policy Editor  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

Nebraska officials have approved a preliminary plan to treat 150 million gallons of contaminated water at the defunct AltEn ethanol plant in eastern Nebraska, just a week after officials from two states were able to halt plans by AltEn’s owner to sell potentially pesticide-contaminated biochar from the facility. A group comprised of major seed companies and a remediation company continue to work with Nebraska state regulators to clean up the ethanol plant, which had accepted pesticide-treated corn seed for multiple years to process into ethanol at the 25-million-gallon plant. [ read more … ]


Off-base claim on RFS

By Monte Shaw, Storm Lake Times  •    •  Posted January 20, 2022

Art Cullen’s recent editorial criticizing Iowa Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst for pushing back on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rule proposed by the Biden EPA was off-base, off-tone, and quite frankly, off-its-rocker. [ read more … ]

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