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NEWS UPDATE December 7, 2021

Top Story

Biden Eases Biofuel Target’s Blow to Farmers With Future Growth

By Jennifer A Dlouhy and Kim Chipman, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

The Biden administration sought to thread the needle between warring oil and renewable fuel interests Tuesday by proposing modest quotas for the use of plant-based fuels while moving to block exemptions for dozens of oil refineries. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday called for cutting biofuel-blending quotas retroactively for 2020, while outlining targets for this year that track actual consumption as well as a modest increase in 2022.  [ read more … ]


U.S. EPA proposes biofuel mandate cuts in boost to pandemic-hit refiners

By Stephanie Kelly and Jarrett Renshaw, Reuters  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

The Biden administration on Tuesday proposed a reduction in the amount of biofuels that U.S. oil refiners have been required to blend into their fuel mix since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the long-awaited decision offers some relief to the U.S. refining industry after the health crisis slammed domestic demand for transport fuels, the industry hit back at the announcement, saying volume requirements proposed for next year would increase expensive compliance costs. The proposal drew some praise from biofuel industry advocates, who said next year’s requirements would set the policy on the right path. [ read more … ]

Reconciliation Bill

Spending bill hits crucial stretch as ‘Byrd Baths’ begin

By Emma Dumain, E&E News  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

In a letter to colleagues yesterday, Schumer said that the eight Senate committees with jurisdiction over some portions of the reconciliation bill had already submitted their proposed language to the parliamentarian for review. The goal, he continued, was to complete, over “this week and next,” the necessary “bipartisan Byrd Bath meetings” where Republicans can argue for the removal of certain provisions on the grounds of noncompliance with the Byrd Rule. Republicans are setting their sights on removing a number of Democratic priorities currently in the bill, including a new fee on methane, a repeal of the 2017 green light to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the imposition of higher royalties on oil and gas drilling on federal lands [ read more … ]


State climate action raced forward in 2021

By Benjamin Storrow, E&E News  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

“You’re seeing a movement where climate action, climate justice and equity are increasingly coming together, and that broader movement is making things possible at the state level that we haven’t seen before,” said Kit Kennedy, who leads the state climate and clean energy program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Liberal states have long been active in climate policy, and 2021 saw a continuation of that trend. Massachusetts’ net-zero law expands its focus to sectors of the economy like home heating and requires more stringent environmental reviews for fossil fuel projects in communities of color [ read more … ]


U.K. Debuts Hydrogen-Powered Jet Concept That Produces No Emissions

By Siddharth Vikram Philip, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

A U.K.-backed research group unveiled a design for a liquid hydrogen-powered airliner theoretically capable of matching the performance of current midsize aircraft without producing carbon emissions. The FlyZero concept envisions a plane carrying 279 passengers non-stop from London to San Francisco at the same speed and comfort as today, the Aerospace Technology Institute said in a statement Monday. The group, a partnership between the U.K. government and industry, is meant to accelerate high-risk projects that will benefit home-grown firms.  [ read more … ]


Ethanol Margins Strong, Huge Rebound from Pandemic Meltdown

By WNAX  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

Ethanol margins are at near record levels and have taken a nearly 180-degree turn since the height of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. POET’s Vice President of Corporate Affairs Doug Berven says the strong rebound in the demand for ethanol is a driving factor in their improved profitability. Ethanol prices have cooled from their highs with futures at $2.71 on Monday. However, average ethanol prices in Nebraska were at $3.06 per gallon and more than $2.00 above prices at this same time in 2020. Prices in other states in the region were around $3.20. Berven says that’s allowing ethanol plants to heal from the COVID disaster and look ahead. [ read more … ]

Demand for Oil, Gas to Remain Robust for Years, Energy Leaders Say

By Collin Eaton and Christopher M. Matthews, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

The leaders of the world’s largest oil companies said Monday that demand for the products they make will remain robust for years to come even as the world attempts to transition to lower-carbon energy sources. The chief executives of Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM 1.88% , Chevron Corp. CVX 1.72% and Saudi Arabian Oil Co., speaking at the World Petroleum Congress in Houston, said that while the world needs to address the risks posed by climate change, global economies cannot function without fossil fuels. [ read more … ]


Major U.S. utilities plan coast-to-coast, EV-charging network

By Peter Behr, E&E News  •    •  Posted December 7, 2021

More than 50 U.S. power companies have joined forces to build a coast-to-coast fast charging network for electric vehicles along major U.S. travel corridors by the end of 2023. The National Electric Highway Coalition was announced today by the Edison Electric Institute. Fifty EEI members; the Tennessee Valley Authority; and Midwest Energy Inc., a Kansas-based electric cooperative, make up the coalition. It also combines two existing EV charging groups formed in the Midwest and in Southern and Eastern coastal states.
[ read more … ]

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