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NEWS UPDATE September 23, 2021

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Leaked RFS Blending Volumes Point Toward Major Blow For Biofuel Sector

By Stuart Parker, InsideEPA  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

Biofuels groups are bracing for bad news after a leaked document purporting to show EPA’s proposed renewable fuel standard (RFS) blending volumes for 2020, 2021 and 2022 indicated significant cuts to volumes, below even those earlier anticipated, marking a possible victory for refiners, and a serious setback for biofuels producers. Under the RFS, established under the Clean Air Act, refiners and importers of fuel must blend increasing volumes of biofuel into the fuel supply each year. [ read more … ]


Grassley Comments on Reported RFS Cuts, Vilsack Defends Administration’s ‘Stable’ Approach to Blending Targets

By By TYNE MORGAN, AgWeb  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

“I don’t know what the numbers will be,” Vilsack told Flory. “What I do know is that that it’s fair to say that there were some significant disruptions during 20 and 21, as a result of the pandemic, certainly during 20 [we saw] significant disruptions. And the impact that the pandemic had on numbers, you know, the administrator would know, the EPA would know. But at the end of day, I’m going to look for ways in which we a USDA can provide help and assistance. That’s why we are prepared to provide $700 million of assistance now and additional resources above and beyond that, for infrastructure to expand the capacity to get higher blends out there to consumers. We’re going to continue to do what we can’t USDA to support this industry.” [ read more … ]

Supposed RFS Numbers Leak Moves Prices

By Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Policy Editor  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

Prices for ethanol Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN), corn and bean oil fell Wednesday morning after multiple energy pricing services released proposed ethanol blend volume numbers for 2020 through 2022 that a lead biofuels trade association claims are a “spoofing” attempt. The “spoof” comes as the ethanol industry expects the Environmental Protection Agency to release renewable volume obligations (RVOs) for the years 2020-22. Industry observers have speculated the RVO numbers could come from the agency on Friday. [ read more … ]

Biofuel blending targets could include big volume cuts

By Spencer Chase, AgriPulse  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

The oil and biofuel industries will now anxiously await an official announcement from EPA to see if the figures from the agency match the circulated documents. But in a bizarre development Wednesday, the Renewable Fuels Association distanced itself from an email that contained a set of potential volumes purportedly from the organization. RFA spokesman Ken Colombini called the message “a complete fabrication and a shameful ‘spoofing’ attempt.” [ read more … ]


Environmentalists reject ‘false solution’ of sustainable jet fuel

By InsideEPA  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

A large coalition of environmental groups is pressing the White House and EPA to push for tougher aircraft greenhouse gas standards, and to reject biofuels as a means to curb carbon emissions, only days after the Biden administration announced a major push for more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to cut GHGs. In a Sept. 22 letter to President Joe Biden and EPA Administrator Michael Regan, 100 groups including many local organizations but also some national groups such as Earthjustice and Center for Biological Diversity call for EPA to take stronger action to limit aircraft GHGs, aiming for “zero emissions” by 2045. [ read more … ]

Reconciliation Bill

Path on infrastructure, climate elusive after Biden meetings

By Emma Dumain, Geof Koss, E&E News  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

House Democratic leaders are struggling to get their massive reconciliation package ready for a vote on Monday. And it’s not clear a vote will even happen. It’s a huge task with steep odds, but Democrats’ hopes of salvaging months of hard work and political maneuvering — and delivering on the most ambitious climate agenda in a generation — could depend on it.
[ read more … ]

Reconciliation timing slips as Democrats continue to feud

By Nick Sobczyk, Emma Dumain, Geof Koss, E&E News  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

Reconciliation talks are likely to slip into October amid ongoing policy disputes and a brewing fight in the House between moderates and progressives. That leaves President Biden’s agenda in an uncertain position, with less than a week to go before a scheduled House vote Sept. 27 on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

Biden tells agencies to confront climate superpollutant

By Jean Chemnick, E&E News  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

The Biden administration will take aim today at a class of climate superpollutants that can be thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide. These gases, known as hydrofluorocarbons, are often found in appliances such as refrigerators or air conditioners, and scientists for years have warned about their potential to accelerate global warming. To blunt the impact of hydrofluorocarbons, the Biden administration is expected to announce a sweeping, multiagency crackdown on the superpollutants. [ read more … ]

Off Topic

NFU Rolls Out Fairness for Farmers Campaign

By Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Ediror  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

The National Farmers Union on Wednesday rolled out a campaign, “Fairness for Farmers,” seeking to raise the visibility of issues around corporate consolidation in agriculture and pushing for reforms at the state and national level on to highlight competition issues. “There is increasing recognition that monopolizing power across our economy has reached a peak. Corporate consolidation is a threat to the American way of life and democracy itself,” said Rob Larew, president of NFU. “Despite these threats, renewed attention to these problems give us hope.” [ read more … ]


The growing dilemma of oil refiners: Move to biofuels or stick with what they know?

By Marcy de Luna, Houston Chroncile  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

The industry appears to be moving aggressively from petroleum and toward renewables. Houston refiner Phillips 66 is looking to convert its San Francisco Refinery in Contra Costa County Calif., to a renewable fuels facility capable of producing 800 million gallons per year of renewable fuels, a lower carbon fuel produced from waste fats, greases and vegetable oils. The Rodeo Renewed project, supported by Southwest Airlines, is expected to be complete in early 2024. [ read more … ]


What Will It Take for Electric Vehicles to Create Jobs, Not Cut Them?

By Noam Scheiber, New York Times  •    •  Posted September 23, 2021

The report, released Wednesday by the Economic Policy Institute, concluded that it would take government subsidies focused on developing a domestic supply chain and increasing demand for U.S.-made vehicles to avoid job losses. It found that without additional government investment, the industry could lose about 75,000 jobs by 2030, the year by which Mr. Biden wants half the new vehicles sold in the country to be electric. By contrast, the report said, if government subsidies were targeted to increase the portion of electric vehicle components that are manufactured domestically, and to increase the market share of U.S.-made vehicles, the industry could add about 150,000 jobs by the end of the decade. [ read more … ]


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