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NEWS UPDATE July 13, 2021

Top Story

U.S. Companies Say Climate Change Is a Problem—But Still Lobby Against Solutions

By Michael Tobin, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted July 13, 2021

While more than 80% of the largest U.S. companies have set emissions reduction goals, less than half engaged with lawmakers to advocate for science-based climate policies — and more than 20% have lobbied against them, according to report released Tuesday by sustainability nonprofit Ceres. “Claiming credit for making operational climate change commitments while undermining the necessary policy measures to achieve those very commitments poses significant reputational and financial risks to companies,” the report’s authors wrote.
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Nebraska Corn Board targets motorists in California through ethanol infrastructure grant

By Nebraska Corn Board  •    •  Posted July 13, 2021

The Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) has long provided infrastructure grants to fuel retailers and supported local ethanol expansion within the state. To complement this work, NCB is additionally boosting ethanol demand in population-dense areas, like California. NCB recently partnered with Pearson Fuels to help two fuel retailers in Los Angeles County – the most populous county in the U.S. – offer consumers E85 (an 85% ethanol blend).
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10 Years Of EU’s Failed Biofuels Policy Has Wiped Out Forests The Size Of The Netherlands — Study

By Sam Hargreaves, Transport & Environment  •    •  Posted July 13, 2021

Europe’s thirst for biodiesel to fuel its cars and trucks has likely wiped out forests the size of the Netherlands since the introduction of the EU’s green fuels law in 2010¹, a new study shows. T&E, who carried out the study, calls on the EU to end support to palm and soy biodiesel immediately to avoid further deforestation, habitat loss and greater CO2 emissions than the fossil diesel it replaces. [ read more … ]


Out of 9 Countries, Germany Is the Only One Where Interest in EVs Exceeds That of Hybrids

BY LISA MARTINE JENKINS, Morning Consult  •    •  Posted July 13, 2021

Among respondents considering purchasing a car in the next six months, those in Germany are particularly likely to say they are most interested in an EV, a Morning Consult survey of nine countries found. Thirty percent of German adults in the market for a car say an EV is at the top of their list, more than the share considering a hybrid (23 percent) though less than the share considering a gas-powered vehicle (46 percent). [ read more … ]

Volkswagen to create research center for biofuel engines in Brazil

By MRT  •    •  Posted July 13, 2021

The German group Volkswagen announced on Monday that Brazil will “host and lead” a Research and Development (R&D) center for engines that run on ethanol and other biofuels for emerging markets. The unit, which will have the support of the car company, although it will function independently from it, will aim to “intensify studies for the development of biofuel-based technologies,” Volkswagen said in a statement.
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United Air, Mesa Agree to Buy Up to 200 Small Electric Planes

By Justin Bachman, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted July 13, 2021

United Airlines Holdings Inc. and regional carrier Mesa Air Group Inc. each agreed to buy as many as 100 small electric-powered planes from a Swedish startup — if the aspiring manufacturer can develop the aircraft.  The U.S. airlines and Breakthrough Energy Ventures also will take an equity stake in Heart Aerospace, the companies said in a statement Tuesday. The investment amounts to $35 million, Heart Chief Executive Officer Anders Forslund said in an interview before the announcement. The company is targeting a 2026 debut for its proposed 19-seater, the ES-19.  
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