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NEWS UPDATE May 9, 2021

Top Story

EPA chief focuses on farmers in first Iowa visit, skips environmental groups

By Perry Beeman, Iowa Capital Dispatch  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

Regan, partly on the advice of former Iowa governor and current U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, made visits to two spots that seem almost required for politicians who have never been to Iowa: an ethanol plant and a livestock operation in the Nevada area. Vilsack, serving his second stint as agriculture secretary, was endorsed by the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation as he ran for governor. He pushed hard for water quality improvements as governor and succeeded in increasing monitoring. Regan discussed biofuels , Superfund cleanups, electric vehicles and “ag’s seat at the table” in a brief meeting with Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, who has strong support from the ag lobby. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

Biden touts electric car company potentially worth millions for his energy secretary

By Kristen Holmes, CNN  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ efforts to sell their green agenda and infrastructure plan are being complicated by a thorny conflict of interest for Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm — who stands to gain a windfall from stock options in a private electric vehicle company. Last month, Biden took a virtual tour of Proterra, a company Granholm holds millions of dollars in vested stock options in and previously sat on the board of. During the tour Biden praised employees and the CEO for their work in the electric vehicle space. [ read more … ]


10 Years of the LCFS: Ethanol Leads the Way as California Climate Solution | Renewable Fuels Association

By Ken Colombini, RFA  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

A new Renewable Fuels Association white paper looks at how, for the past decade, ethanol has been the go-to fuel to decarbonize transportation in the Golden State. The use of ethanol under California’s low-carbon fuel standard has generated over a third of the state’s greenhouse gas savings since implementation of the program began in 2011—more than any other low-carbon fuel used in the state. [ read more … ]


Growth Energy launches new consumer campaign

By Growth Energy  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

At its 12th Annual Executive Leadership Conference, Growth Energy unveiled a new consumer initiative to raise awareness of biofuels’ positive environmental benefits and encourage consumers to choose higher biofuel blends like E15 at the pump. Through a series of targeted digital content, advertising, and digital media, the Get Biofuel campaign aligns biofuel benefits to an empowerment message titled “Fuel Beyond”. [ read more … ]

US exports 132.98 million gallons of ethanol in March

By Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

The U.S. exported 132.98 million gallons of ethanol and 882,553 metric tons of distillers grains in March, according to data released by the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service on May 4. Exports of both products were up when compared to the previous month. The 132.98 million gallons of ethanol exported in March was up from the 101.67 million gallons exported in February, but down when compared to the 139.93 million gallons of exports reported for March 2020. [ read more … ]


The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles

By Ivan Penn and Eric Lipton, photographs by Gabriella Angotti-Jones, New York Times  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

Atop a long-dormant volcano in northern Nevada, workers are preparing to start blasting and digging out a giant pit that will serve as the first new large-scale lithium mine in the United States in more than a decade — a new domestic supply of an essential ingredient in electric car batteries and renewable energy. The mine, constructed on leased federal lands, could help address the near total reliance by the United States on foreign sources of lithium. [ read more … ]


Midlands Voices: AltEn is just one example of ill-considered biofuel subsidies

By Sheila Karpf, Omaha World Herald  •    •  Posted May 9, 2021

By now, many Nebraskans have heard about a troubled corn ethanol plant in Mead, just west of Omaha. The AltEn, LLC plant was designed to take advantage of federal biofuels subsidies and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) mandate when it reopened in 2015, purporting to help address the looming threat of climate change. Now, it serves as a fitting example of the misguided and wasteful system of federal subsidies and mandates that is making climate change worse. [ read more … ]

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