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NEWS UPDATE May 5, 2021

Top Story

Exploding Ethanol Exports Aided by China’s Second-Largest Monthly Shipments on Record

By TYNE MORGAN, AgWeb  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

Corn prices are racing higher, with $7 futures now a reality. And strong demand is helping the price spike, which includes China’s growing demand for ethanol.  New data shows U.S. ethanol exports hit 133 million gallons in March, the second-largest total on record. It’s also a 31% increase from February. The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) says China’s buying increased to 48.3 million gallons in March, which is the second largest monthly export total ever on record, just missing the high set in April 2016. U.S. ethanol also saw increased interest from Canada, with shipments up by 85%, marking a four-month high. [ read more … ]


Biden’s EPA administrator says RFS levels coming ASAP

BY O. KAY HENDERSON, Radio Iowa  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

“It’s a priority and I’ll be honest with you, the last team left us in a little bit of a deficit. There were some decisions that were not made for 2019, 2020, and 2021,” Regan said. “We’re working on a strategy for how we can make up for lost time, but have integrity in the system so that when we come up with a product, we’re not legally vulnerable for skipping steps.” [ read more … ]

EPA leader pledges ’seat at the table’ for agriculture | The Gazette

By Gazette staff and wires  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

In his first visit to Iowa, newly appointed Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael S. Regan said Tuesday that agriculture would “have a seat at the table” as complex environmental issues are tackled. Regan toured the Lincolnway Energy ethanol plant near Nevada before holding a roundtable discussion with farmers and later briefly visiting Gov. Kim Reynolds in Des Moines. Late in the afternoon, he joined state and city officials in announcing plans for a superfund site on the edge of downtown Des Moines. “Our Agricultural community must have a seat at the table if we are to successfully tackle the climate crisis,” Regan tweeted after the Nevada event [ read more … ]

Oil And Ethanol Fight At The Supreme Court Over The Word “Extension”

By Brentan Alexander, Barron’s  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

A protracted legal and political fight that has pitted two pillars of the Republican base against each other reached its apex last week as the Supreme Court heard arguments in HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining, LLC v. Renewable Fuels Association. At issue is the authority of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide relief to refiners under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which mandates blending requirements in the domestic fuel supply for biofuels, primarily corn-ethanol. Refiners argue that EPA’s waiver authority is broad, while the farm lobby counters that the authority is limited. The outcome of the case rests on how the nine justices interpret the meaning of the word “extension”. Their decision has the potential to enormously impact the value of ethanol in the United States, directly driving corn prices and economies in the U.S. heartland. [ read more … ]


U.S. Push for Carbon-Neutral Ships Expected to Reveal Industry Divisions

By Costas Paris, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

A new U.S. push to cut ship emissions will kick into high gear a multibillion-dollar quest for nonfossil fuels to power oceangoing vessels, but likely will face a backlash from Asian and South American nations that fear rising export costs. The U.S. has stayed on the sidelines of a multiyear effort by the International Maritime Organization, the United Nations’ global maritime regulator, to slash CO2 emissions from ships by half in 2050 compared with 2008 levels. But in April, U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry signaled a change of stance, saying the IMO should push for the tougher target of zero emissions in that time frame. [ read more … ]

Corn’s Bullish Tone Continues With $7 Contract Highs

By Todd Hultman, DTN Staff  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

Cash bids in the Texas Panhandle are now pushing $8 a bushel as feeders compete for grain. In the Western Corn Belt, cash prices are above $7 a bushel, especially at ethanol plants. “Ethanol prices are staying high, and they are somewhat rallying with corn,” Hultman said. “So, the markets are staying healthy to keep the ethanol going. So, the demand is strong to keep producing ethanol. [ read more … ]


As Cars Go Electric, China Builds a Big Lead in Factories

By Keith Bradsher, New York Times  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

China is erecting factories for electric cars almost as fast as the rest of the world combined. Chinese manufacturers are using the billions they have raised from international investors and sympathetic local leaders to beat established carmakers to the market. Success is far from assured. The players include start-ups, electronics manufacturers and other car industry rookies. They are betting that drivers in China and beyond will be willing to spend $40,000 or more for brands that they had never heard of. [ read more … ]

Automakers: States ‘unlikely to reach’ 2035 gas-free goal

By David Iaconangel, E&E News  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

 The auto industry’s largest trade group challenged 11 governors who are calling for a national phase-out of gasoline cars to put clean vehicles on their own roads first. The governors urged the Biden administration in April to ban sales of new light-duty gas cars by 2035, followed by medium- and heavy-duty models by 2045. That would place the entire country on the same track as California and a handful of other states. [ read more … ]

Mead Ethanol Plant

With questions about cleanup unsettled, Mead officials table decision on ethanol plant permit

By Lincoln Journal Star  •    •  Posted May 5, 2021

At the end of a two-hour meeting Monday night, the Mead Planning Commission put off a decision on what to do about AltEn’s conditional use permit. Unlike most other ethanol plants in the state and across the country, AltEn used pesticide-treated seeds to produce fuel rather than harvested grain, leaving behind contaminated byproducts pointed to as being harmful to pollinators, animals and people. [ read more … ]

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