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NEWS UPDATE April 27, 2021

Top Story

Justices Hint at Limits on Oil Refineries in Feud on Ethanol

By Jennifer A. Dlouhy and Ellen M. Gilmer, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

The case will likely turn on how the justices interpret just a few words in the Renewable Fuel Standard law — specifically its provision allowing a small refinery to petition the EPA “at any time” for an “extension” of an initial, automatic exemption. And on Tuesday, justices questioned assertions by HollyFrontier Corp. and CVR Energy Inc.’s Wynnewood Refining Co. that an “extension” of a previously granted exemption doesn’t require a continuous string of them. “It just seems a little bit odd to think of an extension for something that has already terminated,” Justice Clarence Thomas said. [ read more … ]

U.S. Supreme Court divided in biofuel waivers dispute

By Andrew Chung, Reuters  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday appeared divided over a bid by small oil refineries for exemptions from a federal law requiring increasing levels of biofuels to be blended into their products. The justices heard arguments in an appeal by three refineries in Wyoming, Utah and Oklahoma of a lower court ruling that faulted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for giving the companies waivers from the Clean Air Act’s renewable fuel standard requirements. [ read more … ]

Background: Holly Frontier Case

A clash over renewable fuels hinges on the meaning of a single word

By Emily Hammond, SCOTUSblog  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining, LLC v. Renewable Fuels Association. The case presents an issue of statutory interpretation involving the Renewable Fuel Standard  program — a part of the Clean Air Act that calls for incorporating renewable fuels into transportation fuels. With the meaning of the word “extension” at the core of the dispute, the case promises to yield insights into the justices’ interpretive stances. As clean-energy initiatives are introduced in Congress and considered by federal agencies, observers likely will also watch for whether and how the justices are willing to consider the policy implications of the broader statutory context. [ read more … ]

California Car Rule

Biden Moves to Restore California’s Power to Fight Car Pollution

By Jennifer A Dlouhy, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

The Biden administration on Monday took a key step toward restoring California’s power to limit greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles and overturn a Trump-era policy that pitted the federal government against a state seeking to eventually ban conventional gas-powered cars. The Environmental Protection Agency released a formal notice asking for public comment as it considers restoring a waiver that enables California to mandate zero-emission vehicles and enforce its own stringent limits on greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle tailpipes. The Trump administration yanked that waiver in 2019.
[ read more … ]


Governor Inslee open to special session for transportation package

By Jerry Cornfield, The Daily Herald  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

Gov Jay Inslee on Monday celebrated lawmakers’ passage of two major climate change bills he’s pursued for years. Now, to carry them out, he’s got to get them to do one more thing — agree on a transportation package with a nickel hike in the gas tax. And if it means summoning lawmakers into special session, he’s ready. [ read more … ]

Indiana governor vetoes proposal requiring enhanced ethanol labeling at Indiana fuel pumps

By Robert Blaszkiewicz, NW Times  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb has vetoed legislation that would have required fuel blends containing between 10% and 15% ethanol, also known as E15, be prominently labeled on Indiana fuel pumps. Senate Enrolled Act 303 proposed mandating a label be placed next to the selection button on fuel pumps that included in large, bold type — “Attention: E15. Check owner’s manual for compatibility and warranty requirements.” [ read more … ]


Corn hits near 8-year high on global supply woes

By Naveen Thukral, Reuters  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

Chicago corn futures rose for a seventh consecutive session on Tuesday, with the market touching a nearly eight-year high as adverse weather in Brazil and the United States raised concerns over global supplies. Wheat climbed to its highest since February 2013, while soybeans hit a near eight-year peak.
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Honda to phase out gas cars, aiming for 100% electric vehicles in North America by 2040

By Nathan Bomey, USAToday  •    •  Posted April 27, 2021

Honda is aiming to sell only electric vehicles in North America by 2040, joining several other automakers that have made similar announcements recently. The Japanese automaker called it a goal, not a commitment, echoing similar language used by its competitors as they leave open the possibility of selling conventional cars for longer. [ read more … ]

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