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NEWS UPDATE April 26, 2021

Top Story

Vilsack Likes What He Sees in Regan

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

“The other day I was with a group of cabinet members in a meeting, and we were discussing climate,” Vilsack told agriculture journalists during the North American Agricultural Journalists annual meeting beginning on Monday, “and we were going around and eventually got to administrator Regan. And during the course of his comments about the EPA and climate, one would have assumed that he would have focused on the regulatory side of his operation, which is pretty important.” Vilsack added, “But he also in his response mentioned the important role, biofuels play in climate. He recognized that the research is pretty clear. The biofuels are better in terms of greenhouse gas emissions than regular petroleum.” [ read more … ]

Proposed Climate Policies

Biden working group targets jobs for fossil fuel communities

By CUNEYT DIL, Associated Press  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

Republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a businessman with investments in coal companies, said he opposed Biden’s plan to speed up the reduction of coal use but said, “at the same time, with our diversification and where we’re going in West Virginia, we’ll be okay.” Others are more supportive of Biden’s efforts. The nation’s largest coal miners’ union said Monday it would accept the president’s plan to move away from coal and other fossil fuels in exchange for a “true energy transition” that includes thousands of jobs in renewable energy and spending on technology to make coal cleaner. [ read more … ]

Sen. Fischer applauds bill helping farmers enter carbon credit markets

By Grand Island Independent  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

Sen. Deb Fischer, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has reported her committee advanced the Growing Climate Solutions Act. Fischer is an original cosponsor. The bill would create a certification program at the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help farmers and ranchers voluntarily enter carbon credit markets. The GCSA, led by Agriculture Committee Chairman Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., Ranking Member John Boozman, R-Ark., and Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., creates a certification process at USDA to help solve technical entry barriers to farmer and rancher participation in carbon credit markets. [ read more … ]


EPA: RIN generation tops 1.64 billion in March

By Erin Voegele, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

The U.S. EPA has released data showing that more than 1.64 billion renewable identification numbers (RIN) were generated under the Renewable Fuel Standard in March, up from 1.58 billion during the same month of last year. Nearly 35.8 million D3 cellulosic biofuel RINs were generated in March, including 26.93 million generated for compressed renewable natural gas (RNG) by domestic producers, 6.04 million generated for liquefied RNG by domestic producers, and 2.82 million generated for compressed RNG by importers. [ read more … ]

Strategic Biofuels to develop renewable diesel plant in Louisiana

By Stephanie Kelly, Reuters  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

Strategic Biofuels LLC, a project development company, announced on Friday it plans to develop a renewable diesel plant in Louisiana that will produce up to 32 million gallons per year of renewable fuel using wood waste. The company, through its subsidiary Louisiana Green Fuels, will invest at least $700 million for the project, the announcement said. The development is one of many over the last year, as companies, including oil refiners, scramble to capture incentives for the production of renewable diesel. [ read more … ]


Three Electric S.U.V.s With Tesla in Their Sights

By Lawrence Ulrich, New York Times  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

An electric trickle is turning into a flood: As many as 100 new E.V. models are coming to showrooms by 2025. Heavyweights including Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford are floating promises of all-electric lineups within a decade. The end times of gasoline can almost seem a fait accompli, except for one pesky issue: Even given Tesla’s strides, we’re still waiting for the first genuine E.V. sales hit, let alone a mass exodus from unleaded. [ read more … ]

Harley Unleashes the Silent E-Hogs

By Kyle Stock, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted April 26, 2021

Picture an open-minded, climate-concerned Harley-Davidson fan. She can now travel about 100 miles on an almost-silent hog, the company’s new all-electric LiveWire motorcycle.  The LiveWire, however, costs $29,799. Its gas-powered proxy, the Iron 883, can be had for about one-third the price and still gets more than 50 miles to a gallon. It would take our progressive road warrior some 360,000 miles of fuel to cover the spread in sticker price—and to many, she won’t sound nearly as cool while doing it. [ read more … ]

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