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NEWS UPDATE April 11, 2021

Top Story

Study Shows Higher Ethanol Blends Reduce CO2 Emissions

By Lura Roti, South Dakota Public Radio  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

Results from a recent University of Nebrask Study could dramatically increase demand for ethanol. This is optimistic news for South Dakota corn farmers, ethanol manufacturers and family farm advocates. Redefining Renewable Fuels was a year-long study conducted by researchers from the University of Nebraska Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. The study’s data shows that non-flex vehicles can safely run on higher ethanol blends, like E30 and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.  [ read more … ]


Americans Desperate to Get Out Set Stage for Gasoline Comeback

By Jeffrey Bair, Andres Guerra Luz and Breanna T Bradham, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

Americans are getting ready to rekindle their love affair with the open road, unleashing a full-fledged recovery for gasoline that could send demand to a record. Traffic is already roaring back in cities like Houston as offices reopen. Things will really start taking off this summer as pent-up travel demand finally busts out thanks to the increase in vaccinations. After almost half of Americans ended up canceling trips in 2020, many are planning to take an extra week of vacation this year to make up for lost time. Theme parks are gearing up for an influx of visitors, and attendance at national parks is expected to swell.
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U.S. Refiner insight: Refiners Are Poised to Chase Demand

By Barbara J Powell, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

For U.S. refiners, the rear-view mirror look at the first quarter isn’t likely to be pretty after 13 months of pandemic-related demand slide, eroding profits and a winter that brought weeks of idled plants and damaged equipment. All the more reason to guess that refiners who slashed run rates as demand cratered will be inclined to interpret any signs of improvement as evidence the future will be brighter. But that’s not a sure bet. [ read more … ]

U.S. renewable fuels market could face feedstock deficit

By Stephanie Kelly, Reuters  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

Demand for feedstocks from renewable fuel producers is expected to surge in the United States in coming years as companies scramble to expand output. Energy from material that comes from plants and animals, or biomass, currently accounts for roughly 5% of U.S. energy use, slightly more than wind and solar energy. Most U.S. energy use is still based around fossil fuels like petroleum and natural gas. [ read more … ]

RIN costs offset refined products demand increase for smaller US refiners

By Janet McGurty, S&P Global  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

US refinery margins have been rising this year as the lifting of coronavirus restrictions has boosted demand for transportation fuels, although that demand increase has been offset for some smaller refiners by the rising costs of adhering to the Renewable Fuel Standard. So far in the second quarter, RINs prices have averaged $1.33/RIN and $1.42/RIN for ethanol and biodiesel RINs, respectively, according to S&P Global Platts assessments, compared with the 62 cents/RIN and 88 cent/RIN in the fourth quarter of 2020. [ read more … ]

GRAINS-Corn gains on exports, ethanol optimism

By Christopher Walljasper, Reuters  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

U.S. corn futures climbed on Thursday on export optimism and positioning ahead of the U.S. Agriculture Department’s monthly supply and demand report, out Friday, traders said. Wheat gained as frigid temperatures across Europe and the Black Sea region threatened crops. Soybeans were also firmer.
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Biden Administration

DOE Announces $61.4 Million for Biofuels Research to Reduce Transportation Emissions

By U.S. Department of Energy  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $61.4 million for technologies that produce low-cost, low-carbon biofuels. Biofuels are derived from renewable resources, and can power heavy-duty vehicles that are difficult to electrify with current technologies—including airplanes and ships—to help accelerate America’s path to a net-zero emissions economy by 2050. “Biofuels are one of our most promising paths to zero-carbon aviation and shipping, so it’s time to double down on R&D and begin to deploy these technologies at scale,” said Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm. [ read more … ]

Biofueling air, shipping

BY MATTHEW CHOI, Politico  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

The Energy Department opened up a $61.4 million funding opportunity last week for next-generation biofuels for transportation, including difficult-to-electrify airplanes, ships and other heavy-duty vehicles.  The research opportunity is focused on biotechnologies that can lead to the production of low-cost, low-carbon biofuels, and comes as part of the Biden administration’s wider effort to decarbonize the transportation sector and reach a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.  [ read more … ]

Biofuels Caucus requests meeting with EPA administrator

By Jacqui Fatka, Farm Progress  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

The bipartisan Congressional Biofuels Caucus extended an invitation to meet with EPA Administrator Michael Regan to discuss the Renewable Fuel Standard and other biofuels priorities. In a letter to Regan, the members urged the administrator to maximize the benefits of the RFS, particularly given the statutory shift that requires the agency to determine Renewable Volumes Obligations starting in 2023 with consultation with the secretary of energy and secretary of agriculture. [ read more … ]

Grassley ‘disappointed’ ethanol was left out of Biden’s infrastructure proposal

By KMA  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is echoing the message of many biofuel groups that a stronger commitment to ethanol is needed in President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan. Late last month, President Biden rolled out his $2 trillion infrastructure package that he calls the American Jobs Plan. A statement from the President says that not only will it improve the infrastructure in parts of the country, but it will also put Americans to work to get it done. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor called the president’s plan “disappointing” because it only calls for more renewable energy research after Biden campaigned on promoting biofuels. [ read more … ]

Infrastructure package makes way for ethanol fight

By Marc Heller, E&E News  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

A looming battle in Congress over funding for roads and bridges could break out into a new fight over ethanol. Advocates for the corn-based fuel and other biofuels say the infrastructure package being promoted by the Biden administration shortchanges the renewable fuel while giving a big boost to electric vehicles — and they’re looking to change that as the measure moves through Congress. [ read more … ]

State Initiatives

Governor Walz Visits New Hope to Push for Biofuels Legislation

By Delane Cleveland, CXX Media  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit Minnesota farmers and the state’s ethanol industry hard. At the start of the outbreak, demand for gasoline tanked, and it had a significant ripple effect for Minnesota’s ethanol industry. Now Governor Walz is looking to help the ethanol producers by urging state lawmakers to pass new grant funding to help gas stations dispense a wider variety of ethanol blends. In the process, the governor says it would also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions
[ read more … ]

Minnesota Corn commits $1 million to ethanol infrastructure grant program

By Minnesota Corn Growers Association  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

The Minnesota Corn Research and Promotion Council and Minnesota Corn Growers Association announced a commitment of $1 million to a future state biofuels infrastructure grant program today. The program, to be administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, would expand access to higher blends of ethanol in the state. [ read more … ]


GMC Unveils Electric Hummer SUV to Join Pickup

By Jim Motavalli, Barrons  •    •  Posted April 11, 2021

This week, GMC made it official: The new electric Hummer is a family, with an SUV to add to the pickup. The pickup was announced Oct. 20 and will be available (in its most deluxe 3X, $99,995 form) by the fall of 2022. We will have to wait longer for the newly announced SUV, which won’t be on the market until early 2023 in an Edition 1 with an extreme off-road package, starting at $110,595. [ read more … ]


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