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NEWS UPDATE March 18, 2021

Top Story

Soaring Biofuel Costs Are Latest Sign of Americans Driving Again

By Kim Chipman, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

Here’s the latest sign of America’s recovery from the pandemic: the market for obscure biofuel credits known as Renewable Identification Numbers is taking off. Oil refiners that make gasoline are required by law to blend biofuels with it, but if they don’t, they can meet their federal quota by buying so-called RINs. Soon, as pandemic-weary Americans hit the road and plan summer vacations, there may not be enough RINs to go around. That’s causing the price of such credits to surge. [ read more … ]


Ethanol, Petroleum Groups Vie for Regan’s Attention on the RFS

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

With new EPA Administrator Michael Regan taking office both petroleum and ethanol interests are jockeying for position on the future of the Renewable Fuel Standard. Earlier this week the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers asked Regan to extend the 2020 renewable volume obligation deadlines and to set volumes for 2021 and 2022 at “reasonably achievable levels.” In the letter, Rising prices for renewable identification numbers, or RINs, has made it difficult for refiners to comply with the RFS. On Wednesday, Renewable Fuels Association told the EPA it needs to continue to maintain the RFS, [ read more … ]

RFS showdown in the courts

By Leisa Boley Hellwarth, Ohio Country Journal  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

This spring, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in HollyFrontier Cheyenne Refining v. Renewable Fuels Association. The case is from the Tenth Circuit, which includes Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming. The Court will review a decision denying economic hardship exemptions for small refineries dealing with the costs of the federal renewable fuel mandate. [ read more … ]


Gasoline Demand Has Peaked, Global Forecaster Says

By David Hodari and William Boston, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

The world’s thirst for gasoline isn’t likely to return to pre-pandemic levels, the International Energy Agency forecast, calling a peak for the fuel that has powered personal transportation for more than a century. The Paris-based energy watchdog, in its closely followed five-year forecast, said an accelerating global shift toward electric vehicles, along with increasing fuel efficiency among gasoline-powered fleets, will more than outweigh demand growth from developing countries. [ read more … ]

Politics or Real Demand: What’s Driving China’s Big Corn Buys This Week?

By TYNE MORGAN, AgWeb  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

The same week U.S. and Chinese officials are set to meet for the first time under the Biden Administration, China racked up two major corn purchases. Wednesday’s confirmation was a daily sale of 48.2 million bushels of corn destined for China, which marked the second 40+ million bushels corn sale to China this week. [ read more … ]

EIA: Ethanol production up 4%, stocks down 3%

By Erin Voegele, Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

U.S. ethanol production was up nearly 4 percent the week ending March 12, according to data released by the U.S. Energy Information Administration on March 17. Fuel ethanol stocks were down more than 3 percent. Ethanol production for the week ending March 12 averaged 971,000 barrels per day, up 33,000 barrels per day when compared to the 938,000 barrels per day of production reported for the previous week. When compared to the same week of last year, production was down 64,000 barrels per day. [ read more … ]


German automaker BMW ramps up electric vehicle offerings

By DAVID McHUGH, Associated Press  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

German automaker BMW said Wednesday it intends to speed the rollout of new electric cars, vowing to bring battery-powered models to 50% of global sales by 2030. The company underlined the point by unveiling a new all-electric model three months ahead of plan. BMW declined, however, to follow General Motors and other automakers who have said their goal is to phase out internal combustion passenger vehicles by a specific date. Instead, the Munich-based carmaker said it would adjust production among battery, hybrid and efficient internal combustion engines as different parts of the world adopt electric driving at different rates. [ read more … ]

Chuck Schumer wants to replace every gas car in America with an electric vehicle

By Andrew J. Hawkins, The Verge  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

With the $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill signed into law, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is ready to tackle the next major challenge: President Joe Biden’s call for a massive infrastructure bill. As part of that package, Schumer said he plans to include his ambitious proposal to get every American to swap their gas-guzzling car for an electric one. “It’s a bold new plan designed to accelerate America’s transition to all electric vehicles on the road, to developing a charging infrastructure, and to grow American jobs through clean manufacturing,” Schumer told The Verge in a brief interview this week. [ read more … ]

House Democrats weigh big investments in EVs, climate

By Nick Sobczyk, E&E Reporter  •    •  Posted March 18, 2021

“This committee intends to take bold steps again this Congress to support significant emissions reductions in the transportation sector.” DeFazio and other Democrats called for investments in emerging transportation technologies, EVs and cleaner use of existing roads, citing the massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure package, H.R. 2, they passed through the House last year as a model. [ read more … ]

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