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NEWS UPDATE March 2, 2021

Top Story

Nebraska Sues Troubled Ethanol Plant

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted March 2, 2021

In a lawsuit filed Monday, the state of Nebraska asked a state court to order AltEn LLC to take actions to correct multiple environmental violations at the company’s ethanol plant near Mead, Nebraska. The complaint alleges violations of the Nebraska Environmental Protection Act, the Integrated Solid Waste Management Act, multiple violations of permit conditions and violations of an order from the Director of the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy. [ read more … ]

Nebraska files legal action to force environmental cleanup at ethanol plant near Mead

By Paul Hammel and Martha Stoddard, Omaha World Herald  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

After years of failing to get voluntary compliance with state environmental rules, the State of Nebraska went to court Monday to force a troubled ethanol plant near Mead to clean up its act. State Attorney General Doug Peterson announced that his office filed a 97-page lawsuit against AltEn, asking the court to order the company to clean up its wastewater lagoon and properly dispose of 100,000 tons of contaminated, waste seed corn piled around the facility.
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Biofuel leaders highlight policy, feedstock innovation in industry’s future

By Stephanie Kelly, Reuters  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

Industry leaders talked up the future of biofuels in the energy transition at IHS Markit’s virtual CERAWeek conference on Monday, noting that policy incentives and feedstock innovation will be crucial going forward. The transition to an electric vehicle fleet is expected to be a long one, making renewable fuels a growth market for refiners and others seeking out road transport options that will emit fewer greenhouse gases. [ read more … ]

Ethanol provided essential products during pandemic

By Tom Doran, AgriNews  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

COVID-related lockdowns and travel restrictions caused a sharp drop in ethanol demand, forcing partial or full shutdowns of two-thirds of U.S. ethanol plants in 2020. However, there was a silver lining as numerous plants were able to transition production to aid in the fight against the invisible enemy. [ read more … ]

Car Rule

More states follow California’s lead on vehicle emissions standards

By Rachel Frazin, The Hill  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

An increasing number of states are looking to follow the precedent set by California and adopt stricter vehicle emissions standards as the Biden administration appears poised to green light those efforts. The Virginia legislature this past week passed legislation to toughen its emission rules, and similar proposals are in the works in Minnesota and Nevada. [ read more … ]


The City Where Cars Are Not Welcome

By Jack Ewing, New York Times  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

Mr. Würzner’s goal is to reduce dependence on cars, no matter where they get their juice. Heidelberg is buying a fleet of hydrogen-powered buses, building a network of bicycle “superhighways” to the suburbs and designing neighborhoods to discourage all vehicles and encourage walking. Residents who give up their cars get to ride public transportation free for a year. “If you need a car, use car sharing,” Mr. Würzner said in an interview at Heidelberg’s Baroque-style City Hall, which was nearly deserted because of the pandemic. “If you can’t use car sharing because you’re living too far outside and there is no mass transportation, then use the car, but just to the train station and not to downtown.” [ read more … ]

How Europe Became the World’s Biggest Electric-Car Market—and Why It Might Not Last

By William Boston, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

European consumers are buying electric cars at a faster pace than ever, encouraged by government subsidies and the availability for the first time of models built by their favorite brands. The boom is so strong that Europe passed China as the world’s largest electric-vehicle market last year. Its share of new electric-car sales nearly doubled to 43%, while China and the U.S. lost market share. But Europe’s surge relies heavily on government incentives doled out during the pandemic, and analysts warn the momentum could be reversed if and when that support is withdrawn. Most government EV subsidies are limited in scope and due to expire by the end of this year. [ read more … ]

EV demand surges, but battery trouble looms — report

By David Iaconangelo, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

Battery makers are facing a deeply uncertain decade ahead, as automakers jostle for access to the cheapest and most suitable technologies for their increasingly electric-powered fleets, warned investment firm Moody’s last week. Even as the world’s biggest battery companies pour billions of dollars into new production facilities and pursue supply deals with carmakers, it’s far from clear which battery chemistry will emerge as the preferred energy source for tomorrow’s electric vehicles, Moody’s Investors Service wrote in a research note published Friday.
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Can the future of electric vehicles destroy the ethanol industry?

By CBS2  •    •  Posted March 1, 2021

America is in the early stages of a shift from combustion engine cars and trucks to all-electric vehicles, or EV. Electric cars are quiet, sporty and cost a fraction to charge than it costs to gas up their traditional counterparts. But as more motorists reach for the plug instead of the pump, some are concerned it will hurt farmers so connected to a healthy biofuels market. [ read more … ]

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