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NEWS UPDATE February 2, 2021

Top Story

Two Biden Priorities, Climate and Inequality, Meet on Black-Owned Farms

By Hiroko Tabuchi and Nadja Popovich, New York Times  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

Sedrick Rowe was a running back for Georgia’s Fort Valley State University when he stumbled on an unexpected oasis: an organic farm on the grounds of the historically Black school. He now grows organic peanuts on two tiny plots in southwest Georgia, one of few African-American farmers in a state that has lost more than 98 percent of its Black farmers over the past century. [ read more … ]

Biden Administration

EPA races to draft interim auto standards for CO2

By Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

President Biden’s EPA is expected to draft interim auto emissions standards based on an agreement last year between California and five car companies, according to sources following the matter. EPA is poised to unveil the interim standards and notify the auto industry by April 1. [ read more … ]

Trump left Biden a $30 billion fund used for trade wars. Biden has other plans for it.

By LIZ CRAMPTON, Politico  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

The Trump administration used it to bail out farmers suffering from its trade wars. Now the Biden administration wants to deploy a $30 billion pot of money in the Agriculture Department to tackle climate change, support restaurants and kickstart other programs without waiting for Congress. Long hidden in obscurity as a Depression-era financial institution, the Commodity Credit Corp. is shaping up as one of the first focal points for how the Biden administration is quickly revamping flexible programs left behind by former President Donald Trump. [ read more … ]


Exxon, Chevron CEOs Discussed Merger

By Christopher M. Matthews, Emily Glazer and Cara Lombardo, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

The chief executives of Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM -0.25% and Chevron Corp. CVX -0.31% spoke about combining the oil giants after the pandemic shook the world last year, according to people familiar with the talks, testing the waters for what could be one of the largest corporate mergers ever. Chevron Chief Executive Mike Wirth and Exxon CEO Darren Woods discussed a merger following the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which decimated oil and gas demand and put enormous financial strain on both companies, the people said. The discussions were described as preliminary and aren’t ongoing but could come back in the future, the people said. [ read more … ]

Fill ’er up: Ethanol industry looks to help drive demand, net higher prices

By Amy Bickel, High Plains Journal  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

But after a rough two years for the industry—which, besides COVID, has included trade wars and the effects of an Environmental Protection Agency waiver for small refineries—Peine and others see promise in ethanol’s future. Amid the significant corn surpluses, corn associations are looking at ways to speed up the recovery through the promotion of higher blends. Last year, Kansas Corn launched the Fueled by Kansas campaign to boost sales of E15—or 15% ethanol. Other states are following suit with similar promotions. The EPA has also lifted a restriction on summertime E15 sales. [ read more … ]

Maine firm launches rocket powered by ‘very nontoxic fuel’

By Patrick Whittle, Associated Press  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

One aspect that makes bluShift’s rocket different is its hybrid propulsion system. It relies on a solid fuel and a liquid oxidizer passing either through or around the solid fuel; the result is a simpler, more affordable system than a liquid fuel-only rocket, said spokesperson Seth Lockman. The fuel is a proprietary biofuel blend sourced from farms. [ read more … ]


Trudeau’s EV agenda gets boost as U.S. pivots from Trump

By Danielle Bochove, Bloomberg. With assistance from Theophilos Argitis.  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

Approaching Toronto on a typical Friday evening, Highway 401, the major artery connecting the Windsor-Detroit border with Canada’s largest city, is more often than not jammed. Pick-up trucks pulling campers or towing snowmobiles, SUVs crammed with tents or skis, and bumper-to-bumper tractor-trailers in the slowest lane of the world’s widest highway resembling a train. It’s enough to make an environmentalist weep. [ read more … ]

What EV sales reveal about CO2, Tesla and Biden

By Miranda Willson, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted February 1, 2021

Electric vehicle sales worldwide soared in 2020 despite the economic fallout of the pandemic, but only a fraction of the growth happened in the U.S., the International Energy Agency reported in preliminary data released last week. Global EV sales increased 46% year over year from 2019 to 2020, even as total car sales dropped by 14%, IEA said. Most of the growth happened in Europe and China, where sales rose by 135% and 12%, respectively. Korea also saw a 60% increase in EV sales compared to 2019 numbers. [ read more … ]


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