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NEWS UPDATE January 6, 2021

Top Story

Biden climate team says it underestimated Trump’s damage

By Adam Aton, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

“In looking at those [regulatory] rollbacks, we sort of understood the task ahead was going to be daunting. But really, the rebuilding efforts across the government are going to be more extensive than we have understood before,” the senior transition official said on a background call with reporters. “When the agency review teams are going into the agencies to assess the challenges … they are leaving those agencies with a really much bigger understanding of the challenges ahead.” [ read more … ]


Biofuels groups want EPA to spill on refinery waiver info

BY KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

The Renewable Fuels Association and Growth Energy, both ethanol producer trade associations, pressed the D.C. District Court on Tuesday to require EPA and DOE to reveal the names and locations of refineries that have received waivers from Renewable Fuel Standard requirements. In their filing in a suit under the Freedom of Information Act , part of a long-running battle over the Trump EPA’s expanded use of the waivers, the groups said EPA’s argument that the names and locations of the refineries was commercially sensitive information was invalid [ read more … ]

RFA, Growth Energy Demand Transparency in Refinery Exemption Process

By Ken Colombini, RFA  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

The dispute centers on EPA’s refusal to provide certain basic information about refinery exemptions as requested by RFA and Growth Energy under the federal Freedom of Information Act. EPA incorrectly claims that even the names and locations of refineries receiving waivers are protected because they constitute  “commercial or financial information obtained from a person [that is] privileged or confidential.” But RFA and Growth Energy have simply requested the names and locations of the refineries petitioning for exemptions, not any commercial information or financial data that might otherwise be exempt from public disclosure under FOIA. [ read more … ]

Higher Blends

NFU supports higher-level ethanol blends

By Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

Anne Steckel with the National Farmers Union recently said higher octane fuels like mid-and-high-level ethanol blends are mutually beneficial for drivers, farmers, and the environment. “We certainly know that the more ethanol you put in your vehicles, the better the emissions are,” Steckel said. “We all certainly have appreciated having cleaner air in both rural and urban areas. We think for a variety of reasons that there are many benefits to using biofuels such as ethanol.” Steckel says NFU hopes to target blends higher than E15, which was approved for year-round use. “We are looking at higher-level blends like E30,” she said. “There have been pilot programs that have taken place in some of the states where the cars have run very effectively and efficiently on those higher-level volumes.” [ read more … ]

The Transition

New clean energy lobbyists line up sway Biden administration

By Dino Grandoni, Washington Post  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

It’s a new year and a new president is about to take office. Right on cue, a new cohort of lobbying groups is setting up shop in Washington to influence the incoming administration’s agenda for tackling climate change. At least two energy trade organizations — one focused on the power sector, the other on automobiles — have launched in recent weeks to make sure their members benefit from the federal government’s amped-up effort to combat global warming under President-elect Joe Biden.  [ read more … ]


Saudi Arabia to Cut Oil Production Sharply in Bid to Lift Prices

By Summer Said and Benoit Faucon, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

Saudi Arabia said it would unilaterally cut 1 million barrels a day of crude production starting next month, a surprise move signaling the kingdom’s worry that a resurgent coronavirus is threatening global economic recovery. The announcement Tuesday came after Riyadh agreed earlier in the day with other big producers to keep the group’s collective output flat, after a now-monthly assessment by the Saudi-led OPEC cartel and a group of big producers led by Russia. In that deal, the two groups, collectively called OPEC-plus, agreed to a complex deal to hold production broadly unchanged from current levels. [ read more … ]

Exxon reveals GHG emissions from using its oil

By Mike Lee and Carlos Anchondo, E&E News reporters  •    •  Posted January 6, 2021

Exxon Mobil Corp. yesterday revealed for the first time the amount of greenhouse gases that are released by using its products. The company estimated that it was responsible for the equivalent of 570 million metric tons of so-called Scope 3 emissions in 2019. That’s roughly as much as Saudi Arabia’s total annual carbon dioxide emissions, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. [ read more … ]

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