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NEWS UPDATE November 12, 2020

Top Story

Ethanol Industry Continues Recovery

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

Falling demand for gasoline earlier this year from the COVID-19 economic shutdown sent ethanol producers into a tailspin. Plants closed down and cut production, as margins dipped to their lowest levels ever. Now the craziness has subsided, and the industry continues to bounce back. Ethanol margins have improved since last month, when the hypothetical Neeley Biofuels 50-million-gallon ethanol plant recorded a net per-gallon loss of 22.2 cents in October. That improved to a net loss of 11.9 cents. [ read more … ]

The Transition

Former Iowa Governor Culver Eyed for Energy Post Under Biden

By Jennifer Jacobs and Jennifer A Dlouhy, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team has spoken to former Iowa Governor Chet Culver and chair of the Governors’ Biofuels Coalition about joining the new administration, according to two people familiar with the matter. A possible senior role in the Energy Department that would draw on Culver’s expertise in renewable power has been discussed, according to one of the people, who asked not to be named discussing a personnel matter. Culver has long family ties to the Bidens — his father served alongside Biden in the Senate in the 1970s — and endorsed the president-elect 10 days before the Iowa caucuses.

[ read more … ]

What’s in a name?

BY KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

Patrice Simms, vice president of litigation at Earthjustice, will lead the EPA team. Arun Majumdar, the first head of the Energy Department’s Advanced Research Projects-Energy arm, will lead the Energy Department team. [ read more … ]

Biden Victory to Boost DOJ’s Environmental Agenda, Enforcement

By Ellen M. Gilmer, Bloomberg Law  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

The Justice Department’s environment division is poised to ramp up pollution policing and sideline Trump-era policies when President-elect Joe Biden takes office in January—joining agencies across the executive branch in making a sharp turn to the left. New political leaders in the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD) will move swiftly to set more robust enforcement priorities and nix recent directives that constrain settlements, environmental lawyers told Bloomberg Law. Early plans from the Biden campaign also hint at an ambitious buildout of environmental and climate justice work. [ read more … ]

Trump eyes midnight energy rules at DOE, Interior

By Lesley Clark, Carlos Anchondo and Heather Richards, E&E News reporters  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

Environmentalists and industry observers are watching the clock now that President Trump has lost his bid for reelection, anticipating a potential flurry of last-minute energy rollbacks, permitting decisions and new rules that could impinge on a Biden administration. Several rules that could weaken energy efficiency standards, for example, are poised for final passage at the Department of Energy, and measures at the Interior Department that could affect oil drilling are in various stages of completion. [ read more … ]

Energy lobbyists prepare for Biden, despite Trump’s refusal to concede

By Dino Grandoni, Washington Post  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

Not every Republican lawmaker has publicly acknowledged that Joe Biden won the presidential election as President Trump refuses to concede. But trade groups often aligned with the GOP have already come to grips with the power change coming in Washington.  Over the last several days, representatives from manufacturers, coal-mining companies, oil producers and other industries have congratulated the president-elect on his victory – and signaled they are interested in helping shape Biden’s plans to tackle climate change.  [ read more … ]


Wall Street braces for climate change scrutiny under Biden

By ZACHARY WARMBRODT, Politico  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

Biden’s win would expose U.S. banks to intense scrutiny for their role in providing billions of dollars of financing each year to fossil fuel production that contributes to climate change. Leading Democrats want to go even further by forcing lenders to abide by disclosure rules and stress tests to make sure they aren’t the source of a new crisis. The fear is that destructive climate events – as well as a costly transition to a lower-carbon economy – will wreak havoc on the banks’ portfolios and destabilize the financial system. [ read more … ]

Biden’s climate plan would hinge on Senate outcome

By James Osborne, Houston Chronicle  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

Even with his victory over President Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s hopes for enacting the ambitious climate change policy on which he campaigned remain unclear with control of the Senate in limbo. Biden, who exceeded the necessary 270 Electoral College votes when he was projected to win Pennsylvania on Saturday, still faces the prospect of a Republican-controlled Senate that has roundly criticized his plan to move the country to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by midcentury as too costly and disruptive to the economy.
[ read more … ]


IEA cuts global biofuels forecast as pandemic hits transport fuel demand | S&P Global Platts

By Robert Perkins, S&P Global  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

The International Energy Agency has cut its near-term forecast for global biofuels production as the COVID-19 crisis triggers the first annual decline in transport biofuels in two decades.
Biofuel output for transport is forecast to reach 186.1 billion liters, or 3.21 million b/d, in 2025, a 14% increase from 2019 levels, according to the central scenario in the IEA’s Renewables 2020 report published Nov. 10. [ read more … ]

Campaign 2020

Shifting energy mix, younger voters swung Ariz., Ga. to Biden

By Thomas Frank, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

President-elect Joe Biden is being celebrated for recapturing Midwestern states, but his most significant electoral accomplishment may be winning Arizona and Georgia, two states whose minimal reliance on fossil fuels could help him build a national coalition devoted to addressing climate change. Although they have been conservative for decades, Arizona and Georgia have become increasingly supportive of climate goals as their production and consumption of fossil fuels has plummeted and young people have become a larger part of the electorate. [ read more … ]


GM Plans to Hire 3,000 Workers to Spur Electric-Car Development

By David Welch, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted November 11, 2020

General Motors Co. is going on a hiring binge to accelerate its development of electric vehicles. The Detroit automaker said Monday it plans to hire 3,000 new employees across engineering, design and information technology to spur efforts to develop more EVs and the software that runs them. That’s about as many workers as GM employs at its engine and vehicle-assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The new hires will be added by the end of the first quarter of 2021, the automaker said [ read more … ]

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