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NEWS UPDATE November 10, 2020

Top Story

U.S. renewable fuels legislation could garner bipartisan support under Biden

By Stephanie Kelly and Laura Sanicola, Reuters  •    •  Posted November 10, 2020

Renewable fuels are a niche market for now, but with Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden set to enter office with a divided Congress, legislation supporting demand for products like renewable diesel could garner bipartisan support. Biden, elected president last week, defeating Republican Donald Trump, has pledged to move the United States to a zero-carbon emissions scheme by 2050. Under a divided Congress, however, ambitious plans to tackle rising emissions may be put on ice. [ read more … ]

The Transition

Biden Win May Curb U.S. Oil Drilling, Super-Charge Renewables

By Gerson Freitas Jr, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

A Biden victory could mean a halt to the Environmental Protection Agency’s granting of refinery waivers for the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard, which in turn could help stabilize prices and demand for fuels made from corn and soybeans. The RFS also will reset for biofuel use in 2023, meaning the EPA will help decide how much ethanol and biodiesel are mixed into petroleum-based fuels in the U.S. Biden could keep blending targets near current levels or raise them to prevent plants from shutting down, even as his administration looks to transition away from an oil-based vehicle fleet. [ read more … ]

Biden win ushers in seismic energy policy shift

By Lesley Clark, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

The race between Biden and Trump presented the starkest divisions on energy issues in recent memory, with Biden proposing a $2 trillion clean energy plan and denouncing Trump for downplaying the threat posed by climate change. Trump, in turn, pledged to continue to pursue an “energy dominance” agenda. Biden claimed a mandate to act as he delivered a victory speech Saturday night in Wilmington, Del., citing climate change, health care, the pandemic, a slumping economy and racial justice as critical crises facing the country. [ read more … ]

Trump Leaves Unfinished Business in Environmental Litigation

By Ellen M. Gilmer, Bloomberg Law  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

Major environmental litigation is set for an abrupt shift after President-elect Joe Biden steps into the White House, as the Trump administration leaves behind a trail of unanswered legal questions. In four years, President Donald Trump and his appointees in the Environmental Protection Agency, Interior Department, and other agencies made dramatic regulatory changes that sparked an ongoing series of legal battles. Biden’s team is expected to reverse course on big-ticket items, stopping many of those lawsuits in their tracks. [ read more … ]

Campaign 2020

Analysis: Climate voters fueled Biden’s win

By Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

It’s true that Democrats and environmental groups were denied the resounding defeat of President Trump and his policies that they desired, losing House seats and likely facing at least two more years of a GOP-controlled Senate that has long been hostile to even the most modest climate policy. But the presidential candidate with the most aggressive climate plan in history, who campaigned on spending $2 trillion to decarbonize the economy, won a record-breaking number of voters in a year with one of the highest voting rates in recent memory. [ read more … ]


Pacific Ethanol Enters Agreement to Sell Idaho Grain Handling Facilities

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

Pacific Ethanol, Inc., continues to remake its company, announcing on Monday it has sold grain-handling facilities at its Magic Valley Burley, Idaho, ethanol plant. Pacific Ethanol entered into an agreement with Liberty Basin, LLC, to sell 134 acres, rail loop and grain-handling assets for $10 million in cash, according to a news release. Pacific Ethanol will retain the ethanol plant and terminal on the remaining 25 acres and is expected to enter into agreements with Liberty Basin for delivery of grain to the plant. [ read more … ]

Green Plains v. ADM

Ethanol Case Moves to Illinois

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

The legal fight to prove alleged ethanol market manipulation against Archer Daniels Midland will be consolidated in a federal court in Illinois after a Nebraska court approved ADM’s motion to change venue. Omaha-based Green Plains Inc. filed a class-action lawsuit in July alleging ADM conducted a scheme to illegally depress the ethanol cash spot market. [ read more … ]


In Biden, Detroit Gets a ‘Car Guy’ With Electric Vehicles on His Mind

By Ben Foldy, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

Car executives say the president-elect’s intentions to throw the government’s weight behind electric vehicles will aid the industry’s investment in this technology. Executives, dealers and analysts say they expect Mr. Biden’s administration to push for stricter—and, for companies, more expensive—limits on tailpipe emissions. However, they say he could end a standoff between the federal government and California that has been dragging on the industry. [ read more … ]


Editorial: Iowa induces queasiness

By Art Cullen, The Storm Lake Times  •    •  Posted November 9, 2020

It also raises questions about how the centers of power approach the places and people left behind and frustrated in Appalachian Ohio or western Iowa. Democrats simply can’t compete anymore in Rural America, and they have no clue what to do about it. They lack a cohesive vision that can give these places a path forward. They continue to run corporatists for statewide office — why not just vote for a Republican? And, voters seem to have forgotten their civic character at the bank or someplace. That Iowa would vote for Trump not once but twice puts shame on us. [ read more … ]

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