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NEWS UPDATE September 8, 2020

Top Story

Ag Secretary Tours Storm Damages and Talks Trump Administration Aid and Trade Policies

By Chris Clayton, DTN Ag Policy Editor  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

While Iowa farmers and the ethanol industry continue to watch EPA on small-refinery exemptions and the Renewable Fuels Standard, Perdue also continued to say Trump has assured the ethanol industry there would be 15 billion gallons under the RFS. “Irrespective of what happens with refinery waivers, President Trump has committed to 15 billion gallons equals 15 billion gallons,” Perdue said. Small refinery exemptions were another topic Greif raised with Perdue. “He made that promise again that we will probably be having something coming soon, but we’ve heard this before.” [ read more … ]


Perdue: China Trade Still Falls Short

By  Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

With Brazil’s tariff-free quota expiring on today leading to an increase to a 20% tariff on all ethanol imports from the United States, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue told DTN on Friday a deal between the two countries would be announced soon. The Brazilians let the Aug. 31 deadline pass this week without announcing an extension of the tariff-free quota, essentially allowing a tariff increase. Some media outlets this week reported a tentative agreement has been reached to keep the zero-rate in place until a larger agreement can be reached. [ read more … ]

Trump Doesn’t Get Brazil Deal For Iowa, Ethanol Tariff Reinstated (For Now)

By Pat Rynard, Iowa Starting Line  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

Donald Trump wanted Brazil to hold off on an ethanol tariff so bad, his administration may well have committed another crime in foreign election interference to convince them. Brazil didn’t listen. The country decided to let a tariff-free quota lapse, causing a 20% tariff on ethanol coming into the country to be reinstated. It will deal another blow to U.S. ethanol producers. [ read more … ]

House Ag chair backs Biden on killing Trump tariffs

By Philip Brasher, AgriPulse  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson supports Joe Biden’s plan to eliminate President Donald Trump’s tariffs on China but said he isn’t sure what the alternative is for countering Chinese trade practices.  “First thing I want to see is to stop these tariffs. I think it’s been a counterproductive situation,” Peterson said Friday during an online Biden campaign roundtable on agriculture. [ read more … ]


Without a grand deal, Trump tries to dodge ethanol question

By James Osborn, Houston Choncile  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

Upon entering the White House almost four years ago, President Donald Trump promised to employ his self-declared dealmaker’s acumen in cutting a deal to end the yearslong conflict between corn farmers and oil refiners over federal ethanol mandates. But bridging that divide has proved far more difficult than Trump seemed to initially estimate. And with the election just two months away, all signs are Trump is trying to push back a decision on the how much ethanol to blend into the nation’s gasoline supply until after the ballots are cast, so as not to alienate voters in battleground states — whether its oil and gas workers in Pennsylvania and Texas or corn farmers in the Midwest. [ read more … ]


EPA chief criticizes Democratic governors, vows to concentrate on cleaning up vulnerable communities in a second Trump term

By Juliet Eilperin and Brady Dennis, Washington Post  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency argued last week that the Trump administration, which has aggressively rolled back environmental regulations in recent years, has done more to help vulnerable communities deal with pollution than the “misdirected policies” and “misused resources” of its predecessors. Fifty years after President Richard M. Nixon created the EPA, its current leader, Andrew Wheeler, traveled to his presidential library in California on Thursday to outline a vision for the future that emphasizes economic development instead of tackling climate change. [ read more … ]

Campaign 2020

Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack: Trump overpromised, underdelivered for Iowa farmers

By Tom Barton, Quad-City Times  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

Iowa’s former Democratic governor Tom Vilsack says President Donald Trump overpromised and underdelivered for Iowa farmers impacted by a U.S.-Chinese trade war. Vilsack also claimed Trump has failed to keep Americans safe and the U.S. economy strong amid a worsening pandemic that’s ravaged Iowa communities now struggling to rebuild from an inland hurricane. [ read more … ]

Biggest farmers stand solidly with Trump, poll shows

By Chuck Abbott, Successful Farming  •    •  Posted September 7, 2020

Large-scale farmers and ranchers say they will vote in landslide numbers for President Trump this fall, applauding his handling of agriculture and foreign policy, said a Farm Futures poll released on Wednesday. Some 75% of respondents to the nationwide email poll conducted in late July said they would vote for Trump, roughly the same proportion that backed him in 2016. [ read more … ]

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