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NEWS UPDATE July 20, 2020

Top Story

U.S. Iowa Senators Hope to Include Biofuels Aid in Next Coronavirus Relief Package

By Stephanie Kelly, Reuters  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

U.S. lawmakers from Iowa are trying to add aid for the biofuels industry into a pending coronavirus relief package in the Senate, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley said on Friday. Grassley and his Iowa colleague, Senator Joni Ernst, hope to include a subsidy for feedstock for the ethanol industry in the bill. Farmers and producers of the corn-based fuel were hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic as government-imposed lockdowns sank demand for gasoline. [ read more … ]

Grassley Sees Aid to Ethanol Industry as a Priority

By Chris Clayton, DTN Senior Editor  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said Friday one of his key priorities in the next coronavirus aid package out of Congress would be to subsidize feedstock for the ethanol industry. Speaking to reporters on a call, Grassley said he and Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, are focused on getting that kind of language in a Senate package that would subsidize feedstock for the ethanol industry. Grassley and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., introduced that bill in May. Their plan would reimburse biofuel producers for their feedstock purchases from Jan. 1, 2020, to March 31 through the Commodity Credit Corp. [ read more … ]


EPA considering 58 new “gap year” SRE petitions

By RFA  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

Time line chart pf SRE submissions from 2011 to 2018 [ read more … ]


Midlevel Ethanol Blends Could Have Economic Edge in August

By Tom Kloza, OPIS  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

This was supposed to be the first full driving season where E15 might flourish, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to approve the year-round sale of 15% ethanol blends. But coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and incredibly cheap gasoline prices intervened. For a substantial portion of May and June, markets often saw wholesale prices for ethanol that were 30-60cts/gal above the price of conventional blendstock (CBOB). Even a rally in prices for 2020 D6 ethanol Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) wasn’t enough to motivate many retailers to offer E15 at the pumps earlier this driving season. [ read more … ]

2 banks lose billions in fossil fuel loans

By Avery Ellfeldt, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

U.S. banks have come under mounting scrutiny in recent years for issuing trillions of dollars in fossil fuel loans that critics describe as environmentally fraught — and financially irresponsible. Market volatility, cratered oil prices and weakened consumer demand brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, experts say, have further validated those concerns.
[ read more … ]

Fed Survey Warns of Tepid Recovery

By DTN Washington Insider  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

This week, Bloomberg commented on a federal survey that shows a tepid recovery by early July. “Economic activity increased in almost all Districts,” it says, but remained “well below where it was prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.” The report was based on its Beige Book survey released Wednesday in Washington. “Outlooks remained highly uncertain, as contacts grappled with how long the COVID-19 pandemic would continue and the magnitude of its economic implications.” [ read more … ]

2020 FEW will be 3-day virtual event

By Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

BBI International has announced this week that the 2020 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo, the ethanol industry’s largest conference, has been moved and will be virtual, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The event will now take place Sept. 15-17, 2020 and will be a live online event only. The virtual FEW will include a general session, a live virtual expo hall, all the listed track sessions, pre-conference events, the co-located Biodiesel Production Technology Summit and the ACE Annual Conference. Attendees will be able to access all presentations, networking events, the virtual expo hall and chat rooms.   [ read more … ]

Campaign 2020

Biden’s climate message: Jobs, jobs, jobs

By Adam Aton, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

Joe Biden’s new climate plan commits the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to a bevy of deadlines and targets — but the metric his campaign is emphasizing most is jobs.
The former vice president outlined a framework this week for reaching net-zero electricity emissions by 2035 and spending $2 trillion on decarbonization in his first term. But the public rollout of the plan has made little mention of those ambitious goals. [ read more … ]

What It Will Take for Biden to Keep His Climate Promise

By Leslie Kaufman, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

Joe Biden’s long-anticipated climate plan landed this week, and it contained big promises designed to please some of the presumptive Democratic nominee for president’s key constituencies. After four years of borderline denialism and regulatory rollbacks on climate by the Trump administration, the plan seemed to excite environmental advocates past the point of reality checks. But hey, that’s why we’re here.
[ read more … ]


New EV makers swerve to avoid the dealership

By David Ferris, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted July 19, 2020

Buying a car in America means an anxious trip to the dealership. Often it’s a big lot in the suburbs that is stuffed with cars at inflated sticker prices, stalked by salespeople hungry for a commission, ending with a tense haggle over the final price. But a wave of electric cars are soon arriving that will do it differently. In a sign that the electric vehicle could be an agent of change for car dealers, well-known global brands like Volvo and Volkswagen AG, along with electric startups like Lucid Motors and Rivian Automotive, are borrowing heavily from the retail playbook of electric pioneer Tesla Inc. [ read more … ]


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