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NEWS UPDATE July 13, 2020

Top Story

Increasing Fuel Demand Helps Ethanol Plants to Improve Profit Margins

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted July 12, 2020

Profit margins for typical dry-mill ethanol plants have improved dramatically since May, as the industry was stuck in the mire of the COVID-19 economic shutdown and virtually no demand for fuels. As an increasing number of people are traveling for the summer months and more states are opening up, improving demand for gasoline has led to rising prices for ethanol. As a result, profit margins at DTN’s hypothetical 50-million-gallon ethanol plant in South Dakota have improved since our last update on May 22.
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Policy & Politics

Why the Larger Climate Movement Is Finally Embracing the Fight Against Environmental Racism

By Justin Worland, Time  •    •  Posted July 12, 2020

The 2019 fire at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery started with a simple failure: one leaky elbow pipe in a 1,400-acre facility covered with pipes, tanks and industrial towers. Within a few hours last June, enough gaseous propane had seeped into the air to ignite the facility into a fiery hellscape with an explosion hurling human-size pieces of industrial equipment into the air and shaking the ground miles away. Workers rapidly shut down the facility, which had for decades converted crude oil into usable products. The workers escaped with only a few minor injuries, but the facility had already spent decades killing its neighbors in South Philadelphia [ read more … ]

Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Demands Hit ‘Biblical Proportions’

By Bloomberg Law  •    •  Posted July 12, 2020

Disinfectants and hand sanitizers remain hard to find at U.S. retailers, despite four months of emergency measures from the EPA and FDA to boost production, with supply chains maxed out by a still-raging pandemic. “Demand for hand sanitizer and disinfectants is at biblical proportions right now,” said Owen Caine, executive vice president of government relations and public policy at the Household and Commercial Products Association. [ read more … ]

Nebraska’s economy faces even worse hit from virus

By Editorial Board, Lincoln Journal Star  •    •  Posted July 12, 2020

As we wrote in April, “the state will not have sufficient income to fund the property tax relief proposal without decimating the remainder of the discretionary budget — the part that funds the University of Nebraska and state agencies, whose services will be needed in the upcoming recovery.” Rebalancing the property tax burden – borne disproportionally by farmers and ranchers – remains imperative. But achieving the needed systemic fixes remains improbable, regardless of the fate of other legislation senators have tried tying to this single tax bill. [ read more … ]

2020 Campaign

Iowa Senator Ernst Still Not Calling For Wheeler’s Resignation

By Elizabeth Meyer, Iowa Starting Line  •    •  Posted July 12, 2020

Iowa Democrats have made the Renewable Fuel Standard and ethanol industry a central part of their campaign against Joni Ernst this month as they work to paint the first-term senator as an ineffective politician who has not delivered for a key constituency: farmers. Theresa Greenfield, Democrats’ candidate for U.S. Senate, has worked to connect the hardships of Iowa’s ethanol industry to Ernst’s vote for EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler, labeling small refinery waivers as “Ernst ethanol waivers.” [ read more … ]

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