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NEWS UPDATE July 9, 2020

Top Story

Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years

By Brady Dennis, Washington Post  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

As if curbing climate change wasn’t tough enough already, the new research finds that even if humans sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions now — cutting carbon dioxide, methane and other pollutants by at least 5 percent or more a year — it could still take decades before it’s clear those actions are beginning to slow the rate of the Earth’s warming. In short, because of the massive amount of fossil fuels burned since the Industrial Revolution, and the complexity of the Earth’s climate, there’s no quick payoff from changing our fossil fuel habits, researchers found. [ read more … ]

EPA’s Anti-Backsliding Study

Biofuels Groups Say Agency Backsliding on Anti-Backsliding Study

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted July 9, 2020

Three biofuels interest groups have leveled official criticism at EPA’s so-called “anti-backsliding” study released in May, in official comments made to the agency this week. The proposal calls for no further action to mitigate potential adverse air quality effects from renewable fuels. The study is required by the Clean Air Act and was released as part of a consent decree from February 2019. The industry attempted for years to convince the agency to modernize the data it uses to account for renewable fuels emissions. That’s because renewable fuels groups contend updated modeling on greenhouse gas emissions and other emissions shows fuels such as ethanol are far more beneficial to the environment than previously assumed. [ read more … ]


Coronavirus ‘collateral damage’ hits U.S. rural power providers

By Nick Carey, Reuters  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

When the coronavirus pandemic left Ron Mueller without a market for the 3,200 piglets his hog breeding operation cranks out weekly and facing huge bills, his local electricity provider offered to cut the Illinois farmer some slack. Eastern Illini Electric Cooperative (EIEC), which powers Mueller’s farm and serves farmers, small businesses and residents across 10 rural counties, was willing to delay his bills as he scrambled to make ends meet. [ read more … ]


Lower emissions standards hurting ethanol industry

By Robert Suhr, KXNET  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

We’d all love to have a new car or truck, especially one with a lower sticker price. But at what cost? The Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule effectively eases emission restrictions through 2026 put in place by the Obama administration. But groups across the country say the EPA ignored the benefits that cleaner fuel brings to cars., including mid-level ethanol. [ read more … ]

California Fuel Economy Waiver

California fuel economy waiver

BY KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

 A bipartisan group of former EPA and Transportation Department chiefs filed a friend-of-the-court brief this week criticizing the Trump administration’s revocation of California’s fuel economy waiver as having no “no valid legal, factual, or logical basis.” The Trump administration moved in 2019 to rescind California’s special waiver allowing it and more than a dozen other states to enforce tailpipe pollution limits that are more stringent than the federal levels.  [ read more … ]


Ethanol Margins Are Flying High, But Potentially Not For Much Longer

By Tristan R. Brown, Seeking Alpha  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

The ethanol sector’s production margins have rebounded strongly over the last month as ethanol production and demand volumes have both mostly recovered from their spring collapses. Ethanol producers’ share prices have followed suit, staging an impressive rally from April’s lows. [ read more … ]

EIA increases forecasts for 2020, 2021 ethanol production

By Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

The EIA currently predicts ethanol production will average approximately 900,000 barrels per day in 2020, up from the 850,000-barrel-per-day prediction made in the agency’s June STEO. The EIA has also increased its forecast for 2021 ethanol production to an average of 1 million barrels per day, up from its June prediction of 860,000 barrels per day. Production averaged approximately 1.03 million barrels per day in 2019. [ read more … ]

Brazilian June ethanol exports highest in seven years: SECEX

By Nicolle Monteiro de Castro, S&P Global  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

Brazil’s total ethanol export in June was at 298.84 million liters, up 75% from June 2019 and the highest for any June since 2013 when the country exported 280 million liters, according to data released late July 6 by the Secretariat of International Trade, or SECEX. From total exports, 129 million liters or 43.2% shipped to the US and South Korea was the second highest importer, receiving 82 million liters.
[ read more … ]


Why the Cars of Our Self-Driving Future Will Be Electric

By Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted July 8, 2020

Cars aren’t going away any time soon. So the ultimate green move will be combining two emerging technologies: autonomous driving and fully electric cars. Autonomy brings efficiency in driving and battery use, while electric cars drastically cut emissions, fuel costs and maintenance. Even so, a rift has developed within the automobile industry about the best way to move forward. Skeptics believe self-driving technology will have a serious impact on an electric car’s range and degrade batteries; optimists think improvements in technology will likely mitigate much of that trade-off. [ read more … ]

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