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NEWS UPDATE July 7, 2020


Trump Preparing Orders on China and Manufacturing, Top Aide Says

By Mario Parker and Jordan Fabian, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted July 6, 2020

“We’ve got a number of executive orders,” Meadows told Fox. “We’re looking at how we make sure that China is addressed, how we bring manufacturing back from overseas to make sure the American worker is supported. We’re also going to look at a number of issues as it relates to immigration, we’re going to look at a number of issues as it relates to prescription drug prices — and we’re going to get them done when Congress couldn’t get them done.” [ read more … ]

Retroactive SRE Applications

32 House members urge Trump to reject gap year SREs

By Erin Voegele, Biomass Magazine  •    •  Posted July 6, 2020

“We are concerned that these ‘gap year’ waivers are an attempt to circumvent the Court’s ruling at the expense of the biofuel producers, farmers, and rural communities we represent,” the members of Congress wrote. “As you know, the RFS provides hundreds of thousands of jobs across rural America, supports corn and soybean markets, and lowers fuel prices. These “gap year” SRE requests jeopardize the integrity of the RFS and, if granted, will devastate our rural economies. [ read more … ]


After trade wars and flooding, farmers hoped for a break in 2020. Then the pandemic came.

By London Gibson, Indy Star  •    •  Posted July 6, 2020

After a multi-year trade war that cost farmers large portions of their market and flooding last spring that swept away crops, many Hoosier row crop farmers came into 2020 looking for a break, an opportunity to catch up on losses from recent seasons. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened. [ read more … ]


OTHER VOICES: EPA should reject latest ‘anti-farm maneuver’ by oil companies

By Seth Harder, Sioux City Journal  •    •  Posted July 6, 2020

It sounds more like a bad movie plot than a serious policy discussion, but oil companies have asked federal regulators to go back in time. Their goal is to retroactively steal markets from farmers and biofuel producers. In the real world, that would never happen, but in Washington, D.C., it seems like a time travel is under serious consideration by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). [ read more … ]

Note: News clips provided do not necessarily reflect the views of coalition or its member governors.