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NEWS UPDATE May 26, 2020

Top Story

Ethanol Shows Signs of Life

By Todd Neeley, DTN Staff Reporter  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

Under normal circumstances, an improvement in ethanol margins would be celebrated in the industry. Yet the economic shutdown from COVID-19 has been far from normal. In the past few months, oil has been cheap, gasoline has followed in response to a crash in demand and ethanol plants have been left with higher-priced product sitting in tanks, but there are signs of a slow recovery for the ethanol industry. “A good sign that ethanol plants are ramping up production can be seen in the additional offers seen in the DDG (dried distillers grains) market,” DTN Cash Grains Analyst Mary Kennedy said. [ read more … ]

US ethanol industry may be through worst

By Susan Reidy, World Grain  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

Barring a resurgence in the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the US ethanol industry may have seen the worst of the impact from stay-at-home orders and a reduction in gasoline usage, said Todd Hubbs, a professor at the University of Illinois. “I think we’re in a build and strengthen mode,” said Hubbs, who is clinical assistant professor, agricultural commodity markets, during a farmdoc webinar. [ read more … ]

RFS Waiver Requests

Biofuel group urges U.S. government to reject retroactive waiver requests

By Stephanie Kelly, Reuters  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

A U.S. biofuel trade group asked the Trump administration on Friday to deny requests from refiners seeking retroactive biofuel blending waivers after an Energy Department official said the department will review such “gap-filings.” Refiners are seeking to be consistent with a court decision earlier this year that ruled that any exemptions to biofuel blending laws granted to small refineries after 2010 had to take the form of an “extension.” [ read more … ]


EPA: SRE petitions filed for compliance years 2019, 2020

By Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

The U.S. EPA on May 21 released updated small refinery exemption (SRE) data, reporting that two additional SRE petitions have been filed with the agency; one for compliance year 2019 and one for compliance year 2020. A total of 27 SRE petitions for compliance year 2019 have now been filed, up from 26 that had been filed as of April 16. All 27 petitions are still pending. 
[ read more … ]

Off Topic

GOP governor offers emotional plea to the anti-mask crowd: Stop this senseless culture war

By Aaron Blake, Washington Post  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

“I would really love to see in North Dakota that we could just skip this thing that other parts of the nation are going through where they’re trading a divide — either it’s ideological or political or something — around masks versus no mask,” Burgum said. “This is a, I would say, senseless dividing line, and I would ask people to try to dial up your empathy and your understanding.” Governor Burgum has one of the highest approval ratings in the country for his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, 80 percent. [ read more … ]

As meat and dairy take hits, plant-based alternatives thrive

By Bev Banks, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic takes a toll on the meat and dairy industries, plenty of grocery shoppers are turning to plant-based alternatives. Supply chain disruptions related to the COVID-19 crisis have forced farmers to dump their milk and euthanize their livestock (Greenwire, May 4). Meanwhile, makers of plant-based products like Impossible Foods say sales are booming. [ read more … ]


Editorial: Feds must provide clarity on aid as coronavirus hits ag sector

By Omaha World Herald Editorial Board  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

Midlands agricultural producers have faced huge challenges in recent years. Ag prices have stagnated well below the sky-high levels of 2012-13. Last year brought catastrophic flooding and other weather challenges disrupting production. Now COVID-19 has crashed onto the scene, choking off ethanol demand, disrupting meat processing and stifling export opportunities. [ read more … ]

Column: U.S. ethanol running out of recovery time to avoid more lost corn demand

By Karen Braun, Reuters  •    •  Posted May 25, 2020

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, most analysts believed U.S. corn supplies would swell to 30-year highs in 2021. But those prior stock expectations are now much too low considering the sharp loss in corn demand by way of ethanol, and inventory stands to bulge even further if ethanol output does not recover in a timely fashion. [ read more … ]

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