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NEWS UPDATE April 27, 2020

Top Story

In Another Hit for Farmers, Coronavirus Crushes Ethanol Market

By Kirk Maltais, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

Plummeting energy demand during the coronavirus pandemic has decimated the ethanol industry. The timing for U.S. farmers couldn’t be worse. The falloff mirrors the collapse of the wider energy industry as stay-at-home orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic have clobbered air travel, driving and public transportation. The U.S. benchmark crude-oil price has dropped nearly 70% since March 1. Ethanol companies are losing nearly 20 cents on each gallon they refine, price-assessment firm S&P Global Platts said Friday. [ read more … ]

Relief Funding

As Oil Industry Seeks Bailout, Iowa Dems Push For Biofuel Help

By Elizabeth Meyer, Iowa Starting Line  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

At the same time President Donald Trump is talking about saving the oil and gas industries, Iowa’s House Democrats are urging the Agriculture Department to include the biofuel industry in coronavirus relief funding. Last week, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced a new $19 billion program “to provide critical support to our farmers and ranchers, maintain the integrity of our food supply chain, and ensure every American continues to receive and have access to the food they needed.” [ read more … ]


New Analysis Indicates Darker Days Ahead For Ethanol

By Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

New industry analysis released this week suggests darker days lie ahead for ethanol. “The ethanol industry is going through a challenging and difficult time,” says Geoff Cooper, Renewable Fuels Association president and Chief Executive Officer. “Gasoline demand collapsed, in response to stay-at-home orders. We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in ethanol consumption and production,” Cooper said.
[ read more … ]

NCGA: Corn revenue to fall $50 per acre due to COVID-19

By National Corn Growers Association  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

Analysis released by the National Corn Growers Association on April 21 showed cash corn prices have declined by 16 percent on average, with several regions experiencing declines of more than 20 percent, since March 1 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis projects a $50 per acre revenue decline for the 2019 corn crop. [ read more … ]

Idled Ethanol Plants on Farmers’ Minds During Planting

By AgWeb  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

Many farmers are getting in the field this week since it may be one of the nicest yet this spring. According to USDA, Illinois farmers had 8% of the state’s corn crop planted as of April 19.
Jason Angus, a farmer in Piper City, Illinois is ready to be busy. He’s already planting, working up other ground, receiving seed corn, and tuning up the sprayer.
[ read more … ]

Off Topic

Warren Buffett’s ‘Fortress’ Is Breached by Coronavirus-Related Shutdowns

By Katherine Chiglinsky, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

“Every decade or so, dark clouds will fill the economic skies, and they will briefly rain gold,” Buffett wrote. “When downpours of that sort occur, it’s imperative that we rush outdoors carrying washtubs, not teaspoons. And that we will do.” [ read more … ]

Climate Change, Air Pollution

Coronavirus detected on particles of air pollution

By Damian Carrington, The Guardian  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

Coronavirus has been detected on particles of air pollution by scientists investigating whether this could enable it to be carried over longer distances and increase the number of people infected. The work is preliminary and it is not yet known if the virus remains viable on pollution particles and in sufficient quantity to cause disease. [ read more … ]

The pandemic could be a call to action on climate change

By Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

Amid its horrors and tragedies, the coronavirus pandemic has driven home a startling reality. Travel bans and lockdowns have cleaned the globe, flushing the murk from Venice’s canals, clearing Delhi’s polluted smog, making distant snowy peaks visible for the first time in years from the shores of the Bosporus. With humans in retreat, nature reclaimed what was once its own in whimsical ways: Goats strutted through villages, antlered deer grazed on manicured city lawns and mountain lions found perches by suburban fences. [ read more … ]


RFS fight continues

By Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

Two Ohio cities are joining the calls of several oil states for the EPA to lower biofuels mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard, as refiners struggle with dramatically depressed demand for fuel amid the coronavirus pandemic.
[ read more … ]


Higher COVID-19 fatality rates among urban minorities come down to air pollution

By David VanderGriend, Kansas City Star  •    •  Posted April 26, 2020

A startling reality has surfaced from the coronavirus health crisis: Pollution has been significantly reduced in recent weeks during the shutdown. Whether in New Delhi, Kansas City, New York, or Beijing, less driving has resulted in cleaner air. Vistas that previously were only foggy images have burst through as crystal clear pictures of what clean air actually looks like. If we thought we were cleaning the air before, we now see we can do better. [ read more … ]


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