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NEWS UPDATE March 4, 2020

Top Story

Science advisers slam rollback in final report

By Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

“Time and again we’re reminded that there’s nothing good that could come out of the Trump’s administration’s indefensible rollback of clean car standards,” Andrew Linhardt, deputy director of advocacy for the Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All campaign, said in a statement. “It should be a major red flag that the EPA’s own advisors are raising alarm about the scientific merits of the proposed rollback, but this is unfortunately par for the course for a science-denying administration,” he said. [ read more … ]

Clean Fuel Standard

Emissions offer ‘pandemic’ level health problems — study

By Sean Reilly, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

Air pollution shaves an average of almost three years off human life expectancy, a worldwide toll steeper than those stemming from smoking, war and other familiar perils, an international team of researchers concluded in a new study. The study, published online this week in the journal Cardiovascular Research, also estimates that exposure to dirty air led to 8.8 million premature deaths in 2015. That figure is considerably higher than similar projections by groups like the World Health Organization and the Boston-based Health Effects Institute [ read more … ]

Washington Legislators Move Closer to Voting on Clean Fuels Standard

By Jeremy Martin, Union of Concerned Scientists  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

A bill (HB 1110) that would establish a clean fuels standard in Washington to reduce the demand for gasoline, reduce air pollution and address the climate emergency is moving through the legislature and will be heard next month by the Senate Transportation Committee. The largest source of global warming pollution in Washington state is transportation, namely the burning of petroleum-based fuels, such as gasoline and diesel. [ read more … ]

Port of Seattle supports state-wide low carbon fuel standard in Washington, US

By Biofuels International  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

The Port of Seattle in the US state of Washington has supported the state-wide implementation of a low carbon fuel standard. The Port of Seattle Commission and executive director Stephen Metruck sent a letter to the Senate Environment, Energy and Technology Committee urging continued progress towards securing enactment of a Clean Fuels Standard in the state of Washington, by advanced E2SHB 1110 in the Senate. [ read more … ]


Tesla registrations plunge in Musk’s top European markets

By Stefan Nicola and Dana Hull, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

Tesla Inc. has had a rough couple months in two European markets Elon Musk counted on for growth last year. The U.S. carmaker registered just 83 new cars in Norway last month, compared with 1,016 vehicles during the same period last year, according to data from the country’s transport authority. In the Netherlands, registrations plunged 68% to 155 units. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Perdue memo directs USDA fleet to increase biofuel use

By Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue issued a memo on Feb. 28 directing the USDA to acquire alternative fueled vehicles (AVFs), including those that can use E85 or biodiesel, when replacing conventionally fueled vehicles. The memo notes that the USDA owns and operates one of the largest civilian fleets in the federal government. “As we strive to meet federal mandates to acquire alternative fueled vehicles (AFV) and decrease the number of conventionally fueled vehicles, there are measures USDA must take to increase the number of biofuel-capable vehicles, and the use of biofuels, in our fleet operation,” Perdue wrote. [ read more … ]

NFU Convention Delegates Have Concerns Over Ag Economy, Biofuels And Weather

By WNAX  •    •  Posted March 3, 2020

National Farmers Union members are in Savannah, Georgia this week for their national convention. It’s the final one for Roger Johnson as President of the organization as he’s retiring. Johnson says their delegates have three major concerns. One he says is the current depressed state of the ag economy and the uncertainty surrounding it caused by several factors.
[ read more … ]

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