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NEWS UPDATE January 22, 2020

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ACE Explains Mexico Ethanol Ruling

By American Coalition for Ethanol  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

The Mexico Supreme Court ruled against the process, not the product, and the oil/MTBE industry can’t really be happy the court said the CRE needs to weigh economic benefit (which clearly favors ethanol) against risks to the environment (which also favor ethanol). The ruling won’t go into effect for 180 days, and proving ethanol is cheaper and better than MTBE for the environment. [ read more … ]


Court Quashes Youth Climate Change Case Against Government

By John Schwartz, New York Times  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

A federal appeals court has thrown out the landmark climate change lawsuit brought on behalf of young people against the federal government. While the young plaintiffs “have made a compelling case that action is needed,” wrote Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz in a 32-page opinion, climate change is not an issue for the courts. “Reluctantly, we conclude that such relief is beyond our constitutional power. Rather, the plaintiffs’ impressive case for redress must be presented to the political branches of government.” [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

EPA: 19.75 billion RINs generated in 2019

By Ethanol Producer Magazine  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

The U.S. EPA has released updated renewable identification number (RIN) generation data showing more than 1.74 billion RINs were generated under the Renewable Fuel Standard in December, bringing total RIN generation for 2019 to 19.75 billion. More than 34.07 million D3 cellulosic biofuel RINs were generated in December, including 25.77 million generated for compressed renewable natural gas (RNG) by domestic producers, 5.05 million generated for liquefied RNG by domestic producers, 2.04 million generated for liquefied RNG by importers, 1.01 million generated for compressed RNG by importers and 197,121 generated for cellulosic ethanol by domestic producers. [ read more … ]

Trump touts promises after painful year for farmers

By RENUKA RAYASAM and CATHERINE BOUDREAU, Politico  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

“We’re used to adversity,” said Chadd Strew, a rancher in Comanche, Texas. “Renegotiating trade to try to get more out of our products here is going to be a benefit even if in the short term there is a little bit of a decline.” Trump addressed the convention on Sunday for the third year in a row, basking in loud applause of farm country’s largest annual gathering. And the visit is crucial political maintenance for a president less than 10 months away from Election Day, with few other venues where he can shore up his support among dozens of voters in farm states from a single podium. [ read more … ]

New study finds ‘insignificant’ link between US biofuel policy and deforestation in southeast Asia

By Biofuels International  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

A new study carried out by economic modelling experts from Purdue University in the US has found the impacts of US biofuel policy on deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia to be insignificant. The study, titled ‘US Biofuel Production and Policy Implications for Land Use Changes in Malaysia and Indonesia’, considered concerns from renewable fuel opponents claiming that biofuels are to blame for increased agricultural activity in southeast Asia. [ read more … ]


Car buyers shun electric vehicles not named Tesla. Are carmakers driving off a cliff?

By RUSS MITCHELL, Los Angeles Times  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

Regulators are demanding zero-emission vehicles. And manufacturers are scrambling to provide them, spending billions on electric-car development. Ford says a third of its vehicles will be electric by 2030. Volkswagen plans to sell a million EVs annually just two years from now. At Volvo, half its offerings will be electric by 2025. By the end of this year, most major automakers will be offering at least one EV. And buyers? So far, they’re not on board — especially those in the United States. [ read more … ]


All the Wrong MOVES

By Dave VanderGriend, Urban Air Initiative  •    •  Posted January 21, 2020

Some years ago, Tom Cruise played a talented young athlete in a movie called “All the Right Moves.” Well, we’re not in Hollywood and this isn’t a movie where we get to write the script. What is playing out in front of the ethanol industry is the reality of all the wrong MOVES—the Mobile Vehicle Emissions Simulator (MOVES) model. This U.S. EPA model is part of a perfect storm forming that could send ethanol further backwards after a year of low prices, shrinking markets and a constant erosion of the Renewable Fuel Standard. [ read more … ]

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