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NEWS UPDATE January 9, 2020

Top Story

Exclusive: China suspends national rollout of ethanol mandate – sources

By Hallie Gu, Muyu Xu, and Shivani Singh in Beijing, Reuters  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

China has suspended its plan to implement a nationwide gasoline blend containing 10% ethanol this year, three sources briefed on the matter said, following a sharp decline in the country’s corn stocks and limited production capacity of the biofuel. Beijing announced in September 2017 that the national gasoline supply would contain 10% ethanol from 2020, part of a broad reform of its corn industry that at the time was suffering from a massive surplus. [ read more … ]

China Puts Hold on Planned E10 Mandate as Corn Stocks Drop

By Todd Neeley, Progressive Farmer  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

China reportedly has decided to suspend a national plan to mandate the use of E10, 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline, after the nation saw a significant decline in its corn stocks and continues to have little capacity to produce its own ethanol, according to story by Reuters on Wednesday. While China was set to import ethanol as part of the phase one trade deal with the United States, without a mandate the nation is unlikely to need ethanol imports as it would have otherwise.
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China’s Vice Premier Liu to sign U.S. trade deal in Washington next week

By Gabriel Crossley, Reuters  •    •  Posted January 9, 2020

China’s Vice Premier Liu He, head of the country’s negotiation team in Sino-U.S. trade talks, will sign a “Phase 1” deal in Washington next week, the commerce ministry said on Thursday. Liu will visit Washington on Jan. 13-15, said Gao Feng, spokesman at the commerce ministry. Negotiating teams from both sides remain in close communication on the particular arrangements of the signing, Gao told reporters at a regular briefing. [ read more … ]

Grassley warns impeachment could delay Senate vote on trade deal critical to farmers

By Donnelle Eller, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

Impeachment of President Donald Trump could delay the U.S. Senate’s consideration of the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal, Sen. Chuck Grassley warned Tuesday. The Iowa Republican also told reporters he is considering steps that would ensure the Trump administration properly restores biofuels demand lost to waivers from a federal requirement to blend ethanol and biodiesel into the nation’s fuel supply.
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Car Rule

Trade associations merge after clean cars strife

By Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

Two powerful auto industry trade associations today joined forces in an effort to present a unified front regarding President Trump’s rollback of clean car standards and other matters. The trade associations — the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers — merged to form the Alliance for Automotive Innovation. [ read more … ]

States face roadblocks on path to lower tailpipe emissions

By Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

Amid efforts by the Trump administration to roll back climate change regulations, several blue and purple states have sought to strengthen their own rules. But they’ve faced significant obstacles. Nowhere is this trend more evident than in the case of Obama-era clean car standards. In April 2018, the Trump administration signaled its intent to weaken the auto pollution standards, dealing a gut punch to state efforts to fight climate change and air pollution. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Trump: ‘We do not need Middle East oil’

By Jeremy Dillon, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

The United States no longer needs oil from the Middle East, President Trump said this morning during White House remarks concerning the ongoing brinkmanship with Iran. The statement followed Iran’s missile attack last night on a shared U.S.-Iraq base. The event briefly spooked oil markets, although they returned to the baseline this morning. [ read more … ]

New Report outlines “Clean Fuels Policy for the Midwest”

By Jim Lane, Biofuels Digest  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

In Minnesota, a new report details the unique considerations needed to design a successful Clean Fuels Policy for the Midwest. Created by Midwesterners for the Midwest, the report recommends a technology-neutral, portfolio approach that encourages a fair and competitive marketplace and benefits producers, consumers, agriculture, utilities, jobs, and public health. [ read more … ]

Nebraska Corn Board Partners with Casey’s to Offer Higher Ethanol Blends

By KTIC Radio  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

Through a new partnership between the Nebraska Corn Board (NCB) and Casey’s General Stores (Casey’s), motorists in the state will have increased access to higher blends of American Ethanol. Through its blender pump incentive infrastructure program, NCB provided grant assistance to help Casey’s upgrade existing fuel pumps to offer Unleaded88, a 15% ethanol blend. Twelve Casey’s locations in Nebraska have been upgraded – nine in Omaha, one in La Vista, one in Papillion and one in Norfolk. [ read more … ]


Climate change a priority in early voting states

By Scott Waldman, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted January 8, 2020

Climate change could be a priority for Democrats when they begin casting votes next month. The issue ranked second among registered voters in Iowa and New Hampshire in a CBS/YouGov poll released Monday. In Iowa, 20% of respondents said they want Democratic candidates for president to discuss climate change more. That’s second to health care, which was cited by 39% of potential voters as an issue they want to hear more about. Climate change nudged out jobs and the economy, which came in third with 18%. [ read more … ]

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