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NEWS UPDATE December 3, 2019

Top Story

Biofuels Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 96%

By Steve Hanley, Green Tech Media  •    •  Posted December 2, 2019

A new report published by the National Academy of Sciences is based on a joint research project by the Argonne National Laboratory, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It offers a cost effective way to make biofuels that can be directly substituted for gasoline, diesel fuel, or jet fuel with few if any changes to the engines. Depending on the source of those biofuels, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced from as little as 40% all the way up to 96%. [ read more … ]


Trump, citing U.S. farmers, slaps metal tariffs on Brazil, Argentina

By Gabriel Stargardter in Rio de Janeiro and Andrea Shalal and Susan Heavey in Washington, Reuters  •    •  Posted December 2, 2019

U.S. farmers, who have been hit by the U.S.-China trade war, represent a key demographic for Trump ahead of the November 2020 election. They have watched in vain as the trade war has hurt the competitiveness of U.S. agricultural products, allowing their Brazilian and Argentine peers to get rich off China. “For many Brazilians, this smells like revenge for their country’s soybean farmers bonanza – they have benefited enormously from the U.S.-China trade war by replacing U.S. soybeans sales into China,” said Kim Catechis, head of investment strategy at Martin Currie. Representatives for the U.S. State Department and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment. [ read more … ]

Trump’s tariff ambush risks pushing Brazil closer to China

By Jamie McGeever and Jake Spring in Brasilia, Gabriel Stargardter in Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo Campos in New York, Reuters  •    •  Posted December 3, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump’s surprise decision to slap metals tariffs on Brazil is a blow to President Jair Bolsonaro’s aim of forging closer ties with Washington and could push Latin America’s No. 1 economy closer to Trump’s top trade foe – China. Earlier on Monday, Trump said he will impose tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum imports from Brazil and Argentina, catching the two South American countries off guard and prompting them to seek explanations. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Texas Oil Explorers Say Predictions of Growth Contradict Dire Reality

By Rachel Adams-Heard and Kevin Crowley, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted December 2, 2019

Texas wildcatters, after years eye-rolling at shale skeptics, are now saying global analysts are underestimating just how severe the industry’s slowdown is.

What’s ticking folks off these days is how the International Energy Agency in Paris and the Energy Information Administration in Washington still predict robust U.S. production growth next year, despite the dire reality on the ground. The IEA expects an increase of 900,000 barrels a day, while the EIA forecasts 1 million, which would mean practically replicating this year’s expansion. Those projections don’t jibe with the vibe in Texas, home to about half of U.S. crude output. Capital-hungry producers are being starved of funding, stocks have plunged and there’s been zero appetite for public offerings, making the downturn potentially more enduring than previous price-related busts. [ read more … ]

Oil industry will ‘vigorously challenge’ EPA proposal

By Marc Heller, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted December 2, 2019

Petroleum companies looking to scale back federal biofuel blending mandates won’t make much progress with Congress anytime soon — but they might have better luck with EPA, an industry group said today. The outlook for congressional action on the renewable fuel standard is “very limited,” said Frank Macchiarola, senior vice president of policy, economics and regulatory affairs at the American Petroleum Institute, in a conference call with reporters as EPA closes out a public comment period on proposed tweaks to the RFS.
[ read more … ]

Barrasso thinks reallocation is arbitrary

BY KELSEY TAMBORRINO, Politico  •    •  Posted December 2, 2019

Senate Environment and Public Works Chairman John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) believes EPA’s decision to reallocate gallons lost to small refinery exemptions under the Renewable Fuel Standard makes no sense. In a letter to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler sent Friday, Barrasso puzzled over EPA’s action, particularly given Wheeler’s own recent statements that ethanol demand has not been affected. “I can’t help but view EPA’s recent proposal as not only illegal and arbitrary, but incoherent and without any legitimate purpose,” he wrote. “The agency should scrap it in its entirety.” [ read more … ]

New York Legalizes E15—But Says No to Midlevel Blends

By Samantha Oller, CSP Daily  •    •  Posted December 2, 2019

On Nov. 20, the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets finalized a rule that enables sales of the 15% ethanol/85% gasoline fuel blend. The state had made a previous, failed attempt to legalize E15 in 2016.
[ read more … ]


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