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NEWS UPDATE September 5, 2012

Groups say new standards undermine RFS, biofuel goals

Jason Plautz, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted September 5, 2012

The Obama administration’s new fuel economy and tailpipe emissions rules — aimed at reducing oil consumption and boosting alternative-fuel cars — may hurt government efforts to promote biofuels, promoters of those fuels say. Some biofuel advocates argue that fuel economy rules released last week are in direct opposition to the renewable fuel standard designed to boost ethanol and other biofuels, because of incentives for alternative vehicles. “We’ve got conflicting national priorities at play,” said Ernie Shea, project coordinator for the 25 by ’25 Alliance. “What the rule has done is create an unlevel playing field because it doesn’t recognize the full life cycle benefits that biofuels can provide.” [ read more … ]

Transportation chief to step down with CAFE standards finished

Gabriel Nelson, E&E reporter  •    •  Posted September 5, 2012

An architect of the Obama administration’s new fuel economy standards told colleagues today that she will leave U.S. EPA at the end of this month after more than three decades with the agency. Margo Oge, the director of the Office of Transportation and Air Quality, plans to step aside at the end of September and relax with family before taking on “new challenges in the new year,” she told staffers and stakeholders today in parting email messages obtained by Greenwire. [ read more … ]

Our View: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics……

By Rick Tolman, NCGA Chief Executive Officer  •    •  Posted September 5, 2012

The 19th Century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli has been credited with pointing out that there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics. While no one knows for sure whether he really said this, what we do know for sure is that we are experiencing a devastating and widespread drought in the United States that has decimated our corn and soybean crops and ravaged our hay and pasture lands across the Midwest. [ read more … ]

Opinion: Gas prices would have been worse if not for ethanol

  •  Kearney Hub  •  Posted September 5, 2012

Here’s a useful fact that will make you sound like a conversational genius at the next cocktail party. When talk turns to the high cost of gasoline, remind everyone that for every billion gallons of ethanol added to the nation’s fuel supply, gasoline prices are reduced by six cents. [ read more … ]

Romney, Obama agree: Man-made climate change is happening

Jean Chemnick, E&E reporter  •  Kearney Hub  •  Posted September 5, 2012

Man-made global warming is happening, President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney agreed in answers released today on the independent website ScienceDebate, but neither candidate provided specifics about what kind of future policies would be needed to slow climate change or guard against its adverse effects. [ read more … ]

Wyden — due to become energy panel’s top Democrat — sketches out priorities

Josh Kurtz, E&E reporter  •  Kearney Hub  •  Posted September 5, 2012

Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, who is almost certain to become the top Democrat on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the next Congress regardless of whether his party keeps the Senate majority, said today that he sees “a lot of opportunities for bipartisanship” in the years ahead. [ read more … ]

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