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NEWS UPDATE October 29, 2019

Top Story

General Motors Sides With Trump in Emissions Fight, Splitting the Industry

By Hiroko Tabuchi, New York Times  •    •  Posted October 29, 2019

Breaking with some of their biggest rivals, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler and Toyota said Monday they were intervening on the side of the Trump administration in an escalating battle with California over fuel economy standards for automobiles. Their decision pits them against leading competitors, including Honda and Ford, who this year reached a deal to follow California’s stricter rules. It represents the latest twist in one of the Trump administration’s most consequential rollbacks of regulations designed to fight climate change. It has also opened a rift among the world’s biggest automakers — the very industrial giants that the Trump administration maintains it was trying to help with regulatory relief. [ read more … ]

White House Biofuel Plan

Livestream: Hearing on “Protecting the RFS: The Trump Administration’s Abuse of Secret Waivers”

By House Committee on Energy and Commerce  •    •  Posted October 29, 2019

The Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change of the Committee on Energy and Commerce will hold a legislative hearing on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, at 10:30 a.m. in the John D. Dingell Room, 2123 of the Rayburn House Office Building.  The hearing is entitled “Protecting the RFS: The Trump Administration’s Abuse of Secret Waivers.” [ read more … ]

Documents reveal EPA actions on RFS waivers

By Peter Tubbs, Iowa Public Television  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

The Renewable Fuels Association released redacted documents from their 2018 lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s issuing of waivers of the requirement of gasoline refiners to buy and blend ethanol into their fuel mixtures.  The documents confirm some of what the renewable fuel industry has recently charged. The EPA failed to determine if refiners were in economic distress before extending waivers of the blending requirement. In a 2017 meeting, the EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt approved waivers over the objections of career EPA staff.  [ read more … ]

Despite Trade Uncertainty, Many US Farmers to Back Trump in 2020

By Kane Farabaugh, Voice of America  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, or TPP, the United States signed with 11 other countries in 2016 would have given American farmers more places to market their crops and reduced tariffs on U.S. goods. The United States failed to ratify the pact in the waning months of the Obama administration, and Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency pledging to withdraw from the accord, arguing it would cost U.S. manufacturing jobs. Trump kept his promise soon after taking office.
[ read more … ]


Is the fight with Exxon in N.Y. really about climate change?

By Jennifer Hijazi, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

Activists have rallied around a high-profile trial over Exxon Mobil Corp.’s disclosures of carbon costs as a landmark legal battle on climate accountability. Attorneys for the company, meanwhile, insist that the case has nothing to do with climate. They may both be right. [ read more … ]

Climate and Energy Experts Debate How to Respond to a Warming World

By Mark Stein, New York Times  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

As energy demand rises around the globe, so does concern about climate change. The science seems clear: Ninety-seven percent or more of scientists active in the field are convinced the climate has been warming over the past century, the pace of warming is accelerating and human activities — particularly the burning of coal, oil and other fossil fuels — are a primary cause. Many of these scientists also concur that the best option to mitigate the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change is to reduce the use of fossil fuels and speed up the transition to renewable forms of energy, such as solar and wind. We asked experts in the energy and environmental fields whether they concur on the need for an urgent transition to alternative energy. And if so, how the energy industry can make that happen quickly enough to matter. [ read more … ]


Brazil ethanol exports to California rise with high carbon prices: Datagro

By Marcelo Teixeira, Reuters  •    •  Posted October 29, 2019

Brazilian ethanol exports to California have been boosted recently by high carbon credits prices in the Californian market, which led to premiums to cane-based ethanol, Brazil’s Datagro consultancy said on Monday. Datagro’s chief analyst Plinio Nastari said Brazilian ethanol receives a price premium to enter the California market due to its smaller carbon footprint compared with corn-based ethanol, what has allowed for increased volumes of exports in the last two months. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Americans would rather reduce oil and gas exploration than ‘drill, baby, drill’

By Darryl Fears and Scott Clement, Washington Post  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

A large majority of Americans say drilling for oil and natural gas off the coasts and on public lands should decrease or remain at current levels, a viewpoint at odds with the expansion promoted by President Trump as part of his “energy dominance” agenda. In a nationwide public opinion poll by The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 8 in 10 people said drilling in the United States should “decrease” or “stay as is.” [ read more … ]

Energy Markets Have ‘Ready Supply’ of Oil as U.S. Boosts Exports

By Anthony Dipaola, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

Global energy markets have “a ready supply” of oil as the U.S. boosts production and exports and continues to seek deals to sell its crude and natural gas, Energy Secretary Rick Perry said. The increase in U.S. production and exports helped ease the price spike after attacks on Saudi oil infrastructure last month, Perry told reporters during a briefing in Dubai. The attack was “Iranian” and was increasing interest among regional countries to seek alternative oil export routes and security measures, he said. [ read more … ]

Senators to question Trump’s inspector general pick

By Kevin Bogardus, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted October 28, 2019

Senators this week will question President Trump’s nominee to be EPA inspector general. On Wednesday, Sean O’Donnell, a career trial attorney at the Department of Justice, is set to appear before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for his confirmation hearing. The job as EPA’s next internal watchdog is a sensitive one. The inspector general roots out waste and fraud at EPA and can butt heads with the agency’s leadership. The IG position hasn’t been filled with a Senate-confirmed appointee for more than a year. [ read more … ]

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