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NEWS UPDATE October 11, 2019

Top Story

Oil industry to ‘vigorously’ fight Trump’s RFS changes

By Josh Siegel, Washington Examiner  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

The American Petroleum Institute rallied against the Trump administration’s recent moves to boost ethanol, vowing to “vigorously” fight what it deemed a politicized action to benefit Midwestern farmers. “This is a political convenient departure from the previously balanced approach this administration has taken under the Renewable Fuel Standard,” Frank Macchiarola, API’s vice president of downstream and industry operations, said in a press call Thursday. “The only viable way forward is for this misguided policy to be withdrawn. [ read more … ]

White House Proposed Biofuel Plan

Trump struggles to win back Iowa farmers with new ethanol plan

By Rebecca Beitsch, The Hill  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

After months of promises, a betrayal, and then a renewed vow to revise a federal ethanol program, the Trump administration last week unveiled its proposal for ensuring corn-based ethanol gets blended into the nation’s fuel supply. The proposal earned high praise from corn and ethanol groups that spent months pressuring the White House for a more favorable policy. But farmers here say they are still angry at Trump for destabilizing agriculture markets, a move they say cost some farms hundreds of thousands of dollars. [ read more … ]

Big Oil Baffled By Trump’s Flip Flop On Ethanol Policy

By Nick Cunningham,  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

Farmers have been loyal to Trump, and were one of his strongest constituencies in the 2016 election. Over the past 18 months, farmers have largely stuck by the president, despite getting repeatedly hammered by successive waves of tariffs that have all but eliminated China as an export market for soybeans, corn and other agricultural products. Their patience has been tested, but many farmers stuck by him. That remained true even as the EPA under former administrator Scott Pruitt stepped up waivers to oil refiners, allowing them to get out of their blending requirements for federal ethanol mandates. Trump threw farmers year-round E15 in response, a move meant to offset the damage from the refinery waivers. [ read more … ]

Farmers Unions praise Governors Noem & Walz for support of ethanol industry

By Capital Journal  •    •  Posted October 11, 2019

In an Oct. 9 letter, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz outlined a path forward for presidential administration when it comes to supporting the country’s family farmers and the ethanol industry. “Governor Noem and Governor Walz have shown great leadership on behalf of our family farmers and the ethanol industry our rural states depend upon,” said Doug Sombke, SDFU president and fourth-generation crop and cattle producer. Farmers Union leaders said this is a positive step. “President Trump and his administration broke the Renewable Fuels Standard when they permitted an outrageous number of small refinery exemptions. The governors’s suggestions help correct the overreaching activities of the EPA,” said Iowa Farmers Union president, Aaron Lehman.
[ read more … ]


With U.S. tariffs looming, China drums up hope for a partial trade deal

By Yawen Chen and Michael Martina. Reuters  •    •  Posted October 11, 2019

As top U.S. and Chinese negotiators wrapped up a first day of trade talks in more than two months on Thursday, business groups expressed optimism the two sides might be able to ease the conflict and delay a U.S. tariff hike scheduled for next week. China’s top trade negotiator, Vice Premier Liu He, said on Thursday that China is willing to reach agreement with the United States on matters that both sides care about so as to prevent friction from leading to any further escalation. [ read more … ]

Trump trade war: Farmers are going to ‘lose farms that they’ve had in their families for generations,’ says Land O’Lakes CEO

By Brendan Cole, Newsweek  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

President Donald Trump’s trade wars are contributing to the turmoil faced by the rural sector of his heartland and are putting many landowners at risk of losing their farms, the CEO of the agricultural conglomerate Land O’Lakes has warned. As CEO of one of the country’s largest farmer and retail-member-owned cooperatives, Beth Ford represents thousands of landowners and agricultural producers whom she says have suffered due to a combination of Chinese tariffs and record-setting floods in spring.
[ read more … ]

Car Rule

The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions in America

By Nadja Popovich and Denise Lu, New York Times  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

Transportation is the largest source of planet-warming greenhouse gases in the United States today and the bulk of those emissions come from driving in our cities and suburbs. The map below shows a year’s worth of CO2 from passenger and freight traffic on every road in your metro area. [ read more … ]

Calif. air regulator fires back at Wheeler

By Maxine Joselow, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

California’s top air regulator accused EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler of twisting facts for political purposes in a letter sent yesterday. The letter and two others released today — one from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and another from 600 former EPA employees — take aim at the agency’s recent actions regarding the Golden State. “EPA’s credibility depends on its commitment to use its authority to protect public health and our environment in an objective, even-handed manner, rather than as a blunt instrument of political power,” they added. “While that principle has served the public well under both Republican and Democratic Presidents, it is in serious trouble today.” [ read more … ]

Scientists gather in ‘unprecedented’ rebuke to EPA

By Sean Reilly, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

What was billed as an extraordinary event launched this morning in the most mundane of surroundings: a neutral-toned conference room that featured scientific researchers seated around a makeshift table.
“We are here to talk about air quality,” Chris Frey, chairman of the Independent Particulate Matter Review Panel, said at the outset of a two-day meeting that is effectively a rebuke to EPA’s handling of a high-stakes review of the standards for a common, but dangerous, pollutant. [ read more … ]

CFDC Calls on Particulate Panel to Recognize Dangers of Mobile Source Toxics

By Doug Durante, Clean Fuels Development Coalition  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

The Clean Fuels Development Coalition (CFDC) today applauded the efforts of a disbanded EPA advisory panel on particulate pollution as they reconvene to continue their work, despite the lack of government support. With a focus on particulate matter, the group of distinguished researchers, scientists, and other experts has expressed concerns over inadequate particulate controls, particularly from fossil fuels.  CFDC responded to a call for comments by urging the group to recognize the critical role gasoline emissions play as the predominant source of ultrafine pm. [ read more … ]


The Renewable Fuel Standard is broken

By Editorial Board, The Gazette  •    •  Posted October 10, 2019

Last week, the Trump administration announced a revised biofuels policy. The new policy is designed to appease farmers furious over the waivers granted to oil refineries, which exempted them from blending mandates under the Renewable Fuel Standard for corn-derived ethanol and soybean-based biofuels. Farmers and industry leaders have applauded the move, but it’s hard to clap too loudly. The fix is like putting a cast on a leg you broke yourself. The problem was created by the Trump administration in the first place. They granted those waivers to appease the oil industry. And the solution, while promising for the farmers, is just to appease the ethanol industry. [ read more … ]

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