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NEWS UPDATE October 9, 2019

Top Story

Trump Makes Nice With Farmer Who Chided Him Over Ethanol

By Mario Parker, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted October 9, 2019

Donald Trump has long said he loves farmers. And farmers have seemingly loved him back, even as the trade war with China rages. Ethanol policy was the one area that was starting to test that love, but a new plan announced by the administration may have helped resolve the issue. That back and forth might best be illustrated by Kevin Ross, an Iowa corn grower. Back in June, Trump visited a local ethanol plant to tout his administration’s plan for year-round sales of higher concentrations of ethanol in gasoline. For Ross, it wasn’t enough. Standing onstage inches away from the president, Ross — who’s also an official with the National Corn Growers Association — pleaded with Trump to address waivers that exempt refiners from complying with the biofuels mandate. It was rare public criticism from the agricultural community. [ read more … ]

White House Proposed Biofuel Plan

President Trump’s ‘Giant’ Biofuels Package Is Decidedly Small

By Tristan Brown, Seeking Alpha  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

The “giant package” that President Donald Trump had promised to the U.S. biofuels sector back in August was finally unveiled late last week. While the plan’s details continue to be scarce, those that have been provided suggest that the plan won’t do much to boost demand for biofuels under the U.S. blending mandate. Time is rapidly running out for even Mr. Trump’s modest plan to be implemented due to mandatory administrative deadlines.
[ read more … ]

GOP, farm leaders enthused about RFS announcement, but Dems, market cautious

By The Hagstrom Report  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

Republicans, including Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and farm leaders expressed enthusiasm Friday about the Trump administration’s announcement that it will ensure that more than 15 billion gallons of conventional ethanol will be blended into the nation’s fuel supply. But Democrats said it was too little, too late, the market was cautious, and the oil industry denounced the decision. [ read more … ]

Proposed new EPA rules could help E-15 gasoline blends

By Prairie Public Radio  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

he federal EPA has announced a “rule-making” process to allow year round sales of E-15 – gasoline with a 15 percent ethanol blend – and to remove any barriers to the sale of that fuel.
In North Dakota, the Corn Utilization Council and the Ethanol Council have launched “Unleaded88” – an effort to promote the sale of E-15. The “88” stands for the octane rating for the fuel. “We as an industry, both corn growers and ethanol, have been putting a lot of effort into trying to increase the demand for ethanol,” said North Dakota Corn Growers Vice President Paul Thomas of Velva. “We’re working towards the consumer demanding that product.” [ read more … ]

Governor Noem calls Biofuels Plan a “Big win for producers”

By Capitol Journal  •    •  Posted October 9, 2019

Governor Kristi Noem applauds the Trump administration’s new plan to promote biofuels and expand ethanol production. “This is a big win for producers,” said Noem. “With expanded ethanol capabilities, producers will see an increased market for their product and improved long-term stability. This move is absolutely critical for South Dakota farmers and ranchers, as recent years have seen lower commodity prices and unstable market conditions.”
[ read more … ]

Car Rule

General Motors investors back Calif. deal

  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

Twenty-two large investors in General Motors Co. are urging the company to join an agreement with California to improve fuel efficiency. In a letter to GM CEO Mary Barra, the investors demanded that the company take seriously its commitment to fighting climate change by joining the voluntary deal. [ read more … ]


Minnesota’s new Biofuels Council is a worthy effort

By Editorial Board, Rochester Post Bulletin  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz -– working together with state commodity leaders –- is helping to build a better future by creating the Biofuels Council. The council is part of a toolbox that will help the governor’s effort to make Minnesota the nation’s leader in biofuels innovation and production. It’s a worthy and reachable goal as the nation and world move away from over-dependence on fossil fuels. [ read more … ]


An Identity Crisis—Ethanol Blending is a Refinery?

By Dave VanderGriend, Urban Air Initiative  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

Because EPA has failed to extend the substantially similar definition of fuel additives to blends beyond E15, we are in a room without doors— there is simply nowhere to go. A little background may be in order to understand this more clearly.  E10 was previously ruled to be substantially similar to E0, the recent rule stated E15 was substantially similar to E10.  At the Urban Air Initiative and with our various partners and supporters, we argued in our comments that all blends above that should be considered substantially similar, and at a minimum E20 was similar to E15 since that is what DOE and EPA tested. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

USDA: US ethanol exports reach 122.52 million gallons in August

By Ethanol Prouicer Magazine  •    •  Posted October 8, 2019

The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service released August export data on Oct. 4, reporting that the U.S. exported 122.52 million gallons of ethanol and 1.12 million tons of distillers grains during the month. The 122.52 million gallons of ethanol exported in August was up when compared to the 113.35 million gallons of ethanol exported during the same month of 2018 and the 120.13 million gallons exported during July 2019. The U.S. exported ethanol to more than three dozen countries in August. Canada was the top destination for U.S. ethanol at 31.08 million gallons, followed by India with 17.62 million gallons and Brazil with 17.12 billion gallons. [ read more … ]

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