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NEWS UPDATE August 13, 2019

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Corn states fume over latest round of refinery waivers

By Jeremy Dillon, E&E News reporter  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

The latest round of EPA renewable fuel standard waivers to small refineries prompted more bipartisan unease as the Trump administration looks to bridge the tenuous divide between corn and oil states on the issue. EPA announced Friday it finalized 31 exemptions for small refineries from their annual renewable volume obligations under the RFS. [ read more … ]

Ethanol, farm groups swiftly condemn more EPA waivers

By Julie Harker, Brownfield  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

The EPA’s announcement this afternoon that it’s granting 31 more exemptions to oil refineries from the Renewable Fuels Standard has been met with harsh criticism from the ethanol industry and farm groups. Geoff Cooper with the Renewable Fuels Association tells Brownfield Ag News, “It’s just baffling to us that the administration would take this action and grant even MORE exemptions to small refiners when we’ve already seen the impact of the last round of exemptions. We’ve seen the ethanol market completely battered.” [ read more … ]

Nebraska Ethanol Board comments on refinery biofuel waivers

By Nebraska Ethanol Board  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

“Over the past two years, the EPA has granted hardship waivers to refineries owned by companies like Exxon Mobil and Chevron,” said Roger Berry, Nebraska Ethanol Board administrator. “Their continued handouts to the oil industry comes during a time when heartland farmers are really struggling due to depressed commodity prices, flooding and trade wars. Securing access and demand for homegrown, cleaner-burning biofuels should be top priority from an economic and environmental standpoint, not destroying the marketplace program the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) was created for.” [ read more … ]

Farm and Biofuel Groups Dismayed by EPA Refinery Waivers

By.CINDY ZIMMERMAN, Ag Wired  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

mall refinery waivers will continue to take a chunk out of the gallons of biofuel that should be blended into our nation’s transportation fuel supply under the Renewable Fuel Standard, thanks to the Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement late Friday that granted 31 more exemptions, representing 1.43 billion gallons of additional lost RFS demand. Only six of the requests for 2018 were denied by the agency, and this latest action brings the total number of waivers granted from 2016-2018 to 85. That compares to only 23 granted in the previous three years. [ read more … ]

More Refiner Bailouts: A Broken Promise that Will Haunt Rural America

By Renewable Fuels Association  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

Calling it a significant broken promise on the part of President Trump that will hurt rural America at the worst possible time, the Renewable Fuels Association strongly criticized the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement late Friday that granted 31 more exemptions from the Renewable Fuel Standard to oil refineries, representing 1.43 billion gallons of additional lost RFS demand. This comes after 54 exemptions were given for the prior two years, with not a single waiver request denied. In today’s announcement, only six requests were denied. [ read more … ]

Policy & Politics

Coalition Pushes EPA to Reconsider Limits on Higher Ethanol Blends

By Kim Trinchet, Urban Air Initiative  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

In a joint petition filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals, a broad alliance of ethanol, agriculture, and clean fuel organizations requested judicial review of a recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rulemaking that would limit ethanol blending and restrict the use of blender pumps. The Urban Air Initiative (UAI) and National Farmers Union (NFU) are leading the alliance. [ read more … ]

Once-Unpopular Carbon Credits Emerge as One of the World’s Best Investments

By David Hodari, Wall Street Journal  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

The price of the credits, doled out by governments in Europe to polluting power plants and steel mills to curtail the production of greenhouse gases, has soared more than fivefold over the past two years. Prices are up strongly again this year and near a record of about €30 ($33.60) a ton of carbon dioxide emitted. Driving prices higher is a combination of a shrinking supply of credits and a hot summer in Europe, which has put big demands on power plants that are legally required to hold the credits to operate. [ read more … ]


The Great California Mileage Con

By Wall Street Journal Editorial Board  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW have been canonized in the media for cutting a deal with California that flouts the Trump Administration’s fuel-economy deregulation. This is corporate cynicism hiding under the hood of green virtue. The Environmental Protection Agency is finishing revisions of the Obama-era corporate average fuel-economy rules. In its waning days the Obama Administration rolled through a mandatory midterm review and reaffirmed the 2012 rules requiring auto makers to average 54 miles a gallon by 2025.
[ read more … ]

Commentary: A Matter of Balance

By Gary Truitt, Hoosier Ag Today  •    •  Posted August 13, 2019

Of late, the ethanol industry has been obsessed with the issue of small refiner waivers. This is not a new program but has been part of the Renewable Fuels Standard since the beginning. At first, the EPA only granted these waivers to refineries facing bankruptcy.  In 2017, a court ruled that the agency was too strict and should grant the waivers to those facing “significant economic hardship” from complying with the terms of the RFS. The EPA then started granting more waivers, and that caught the attention of the renewable fuels sector. [ read more … ]


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