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NEWS UPDATE June 25, 2012

Ethanol Gains As Corn Posts Biggest Weekly Jump In 13 Months

By Mario Parker, Bloomberg  •    •  Posted June 25, 2012

Ethanol rose as corn capped the biggest weekly gain since May 2011 on speculation that warm, dry weather will stress crops next week. The biofuel gained as the corn contract with the most interest soared 9.5 percent this week to $5.54 a bushel, raising the cost of ethanol production. [ read more … ]

Researching the future of biofuels

Written by DAN PILLER, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted June 25, 2012

Robert Brown, director of Iowa State University’s Bioeconomy Institute, is asked frequently these days when the next generation of biofuels will flow through gas pumps and into automobile tanks. His reply: “You tell me the price of oil.” Brown’s reply seems like a wiseacre comeback, but it reflects the pressure commodity markets and politics exert on the science of energy. [ read more … ]

How fuel is inspected in S.D., area states

Written by Cody Winchester, Argus Leader  •    •  Posted June 25, 2012

In the past, inspectors didn’t screen for octane, making it the only state in the region other than Montana and Nebraska that doesn’t test. But in the wake of a statewide investigation into mislabeled fuel, octane testing now will be incorporated into the inspection protocol. With the exception of Wyoming and Montana, all of the states bordering South Dakota require regular gasoline to have a minimum octane rating of 87. State officials say they haven’t consulted with neighboring states about the proposal to allow 85-octane gasoline in South Dakota because they’re more concerned about how it will affect their own market.
[ read more … ]

Everett-based Coast Guard ship testing biofuel

By Doug Esser, The Associated Press  •    •  Posted June 25, 2012

The Coast Guard is partnering in the research with the Navy, which plans to demonstrate its “Great Green Fleet” with the Nimitz strike group during the Rim of the Pacific, or RIMPAC, international military exercise beginning June 29 around the Hawaiian Islands. [ read more … ]

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