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NEWS UPDATE May 8, 2012

Ethanol sputters in Montana, but feds favor more

TOM LUTEY, Billings Gazette  •    •  Posted May 8, 2012

One day after U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack called on petroleum companies to increase ethanol levels in gasoline to 15 percent, Montana officials and ethanol advocates said that isn’t likely here. A 10 percent ethanol blend known as “E10” is sold in state, but even that level can be hard to come by. Petroleum marketers say retailers and consumers aren’t ready for anything more. “I think in Montana, we haven’t even fully got to the E10 fuel standard,” said Shirley Ball, president of Montana’s Ethanol Producers and Consumers. [ read more … ]

Vilsack faces farm bill challenge

CHRISTOPHER DOERING, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted May 8, 2012

Vilsack has been helped by the tailwinds of a strong farm economy at his back and has managed to avoid the kinds of headlines that thrust an agriculture secretary into the spotlight. Predecessors faced large food recalls and major animal disease outbreaks. “He’s been very visible, and in the farm world, people like to see the secretary of agriculture,” said Tom Buis, chief executive of Growth Energy, which represents the ethanol industry, which Vilsack has championed. “They want to offer their input. They want to hear what he has to offer. I’m sure that’s a big part of (his popularity) as well as the timing of good prices, profitability in rural America. Normally, secretaries of agriculture take a lot of heat, and I just haven’t heard it,” Buis said. [ read more … ]

Culver: Super PAC attacking Iowa’s renewable energy industry

Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register  •    •  Posted May 8, 2012

Iowa Democrats today tapped clean energy backer Chet Culver to push back against a super PAC that’s holding events in Iowa this week. The conservative Americans for Prosperity has an agenda that’s contrary to Iowa’s bipartisan-backed renewable energy e [ read more … ]

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