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NEWS UPDATE April 27, 2012

25x’25 Steering Committee Member Michael Bowman, White House ‘Champion of Change’ Alum, Meets with Obama

25×25 News Release  •    •  Posted April 27, 2012

Bowman also asks the president to allow U.S. agriculture to help the auto industry meet new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards through the use of cleaner, higher octane biofuels, including E30, rather than high-octane aromatics, which contain include highly carcinogenic petroleum-based compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylene. By approving the use of intermediate level ethanol blends, such as E30, to meet the automakers’ need for clean, higher octane fuel in the pending CAFE rulemaking, “thousands of lives and billions of dollars in public health expenditures” would result annually through reductions in fine particle air pollution, Bowman’s letter says.
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Ethanol, environmental mandates blamed for Phila. refinery woes

By Andrew Maykuth, Philadelphia INQUIRER STAFF WRITER  •    •  Posted April 27, 2012

Oil-industry experts told a congressional panel on Thursday that regulations requiring more ethanol in motor fuel and setting stricter federal emission standards have driven some refineries out of business. A Joint Economic Committee hearing in Washington on the effect of the closure of Philadelphia area refineries turned into a broad-spectrum denunciation of federal environmental mandates. U.S. Sen. Robert Casey (D., Pa.), the committee’s chairman, called the hearing in response to moves by ConocoPhillips and Sunoco Inc. to sell or shut down their Philadelphia area refineries. [ read more … ]

After Backlash, Ethanol Industry Is Thriving

DUSTIN DWYER, NPR  •    •  Posted April 27, 2012

Five years ago, ethanol was seen as the next big thing to wean the U.S. off foreign oil. Then some studies on the corn-based fuel cast doubt on its environmental benefits, and auto companies turned their attention to hybrids and electric cars. The hype died off, but the ethanol industry is alive and well, driving a big change in America’s corn consumption. [ read more … ]

Ethanol plant lists first-quarter loss as subsidy ends

by Mark Steil, Minnesota Public Radio  •    •  Posted April 27, 2012

Low ethanol prices and high production costs contributed to a big first-quarter loss for the owner of an ethanol plant in northwest Minnesota, which could be a bellwether for the industry. The industry’s tough times go back to the end of a federal subsidy on Dec. 31. Ethanol blenders late last year bought all the fuel they could to capture the subsidy money before it expired. That encouraged overproduction, which drove down prices. [ read more … ]

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