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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
NEWS UPDATE November 14, 2013

Colleagues —

As I mentioned in my note yesterday, I’m sending separately the RFS target and AP response materials that Rick, Bob, and Tom sent along to me yesterday. These background materials are very good. It is unfortunate, however, that so much time and talent had to be invested in these materials in order to respond to a dreadful piece of journalism.

Talk with you all on the call tomorrow.


FA AP Fact Check 11 11 13TP

Ethanol and AP 11-8-13

Analyzing the Impacts of Big Oil’s RFS “Dream Scenario”

RFA 2014 RVO Talking Points 10-21-13

RFA 2014 RVOs Would be a Financia Windfall for Big Oil Nov 2013

RFA Talking Points AP Claims vs The Rest of the Story

Note: News clips provided do not necessarily reflect the views of coalition or its member governors.