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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
Monthly Conference Call Agenda August 10, 2014

To:                    State Representatives

From:              Larry Pearce, Executive Director

David Terry, Washington Representative


Subject:           Monthly Conference Call Agenda


The Coalition’s monthly conference call is scheduled for this Friday, August 15 at 10:00 a.m. CT (11:00 ET, 9:00 MT, and 8:00 PT).  Please call 800-747-5150 and enter code 3951076 to join the call. We will discuss the following topics during our call:


Cellulosic plant openings — Paul Winters, BIO; Larry Pearce


Iowa — Poet

Iowa — DuPont

Iowa — Quad County Corn Processors

Kansas — Abengoa

Florida — Ineos / Indian River Bioenergy

Updated June 2014 BiorefineriesProject_JobsAndInvestmentData

Development of cellulosic communications plan — Larry Pearce, David Terry


Challenge to EPA’s Fuel Certification Rule: Update — Larry Pearce


Iowa’s Sixth Annual Biofuels: Science & Sustainability Tour, August 11-14 Larry Pearce

Urban Air Initiative: Update — Doug Durante, Clean Fuels Development Coalition

            DOT’s Federal Highway Administration proposed rule aimed at steering more money into projects to cut fine particulate air emissions under its Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)

 Update — Larry Pearce,David Terry


            EPA delays release of 2014 final RVO rule

EPA again extends compliance period for 2013 RFS

Draft letter to FTC DOJ

Draft letter to Chicago aldermen regarding E15 ordinance

Draft letter to President Obama highlighting two biofuels most damaged by proposed 2014 RVO RFS rule

Next Call  — 10:00 CT, Friday, September 19, 2014