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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
Iowa' s Annual Biofuels: Science & Sustainability Tour July 9, 2014


You are invited to attend Iowa’s Sixth Annual Biofuels: Science & Sustainability Tour, from August 11-14.

Monte Shaw, the director of the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, and the tour’s many sponsors have graciously agreed to reimburse your travel costs for the entire tour.  The registration form, itinerary, and announcement are attached.

Of special interest on the agenda are the Fiberight facility near Cedar Rapids and the DuPont cellulosic facility under construction near Nevada.  This technology is the future of the nation’s ethanol industry.  Also on the agenda is Bruce Babcock from Iowa State University, who co-authored the GBC’s RFS RVO comments, and a congressional roundtable.  These are just a few of the agenda items of special interest to me.  The overall agenda is excellent.

The tour is worth your time for many reasons but this, I think, is the most important one: we work today in a very challenging and frustrating political and policy environment.  It is easy to become disconnected from the real reason why we work so hard on these issues.  It is all about the impact our policy work has on the citizens whom your governor represents.  Iowa is an example of what smart policy planning, collaboration, and commitment can accomplish.  The tour is an opportunity to put faces on the policy work we do.

You’re welcome to contact Monte ( or me if you have any questions.


Hope to see you in Iowa in August.



2014 Biofuels Tour Itinerary (6-20-14)-1


6th Annual Biofuels Tour Registration Form.Agency.FINAL