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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
NEWS UPDATE October 10, 2014


Attached is the GBC’s amicus brief that will be filed early next week in support of a challenge to EPA’s Tier 3 rule.  The deadline for any  comments is this Monday, October 13.

In June, the Energy Future Coalition and several ethanol producers filed a petition with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit asking for judicial review of EPA’s rule governing the fuels used to certify new vehicle compliance. The GBC’s brief will be filed in support of that petition.

As we’ve discussed, EPA’s Tier 3 rule is a major barrier to the certification of higher ethanol blends. Last year, the GBC submitted comments on the proposed rule that were acknowledged and than ignored by EPA.

This challenge to EPA’s rule is one of the most important initiatives to open the market to higher ethanol blends. As you know, we are now really fighting on two fronts with two adversaries: the petroleum industry and EPA, unfortunately. The success of the petition is vital to the growth of the industry.

The brief does an excellent job describing the impact of aromatic compounds in gasoline on the health of Americans. The brief concludes by asking the court to “…direct EPA to amend its rules to allow manufacturers to use cleaner-burning fuels, even if not yet ‘commercially’ or ‘readily available nationwide,’ to design cleaner, more efficient engines.”


DRAFT – GBC Amicus Brief 10-10-14 — 15690215 v8

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