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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
Draft MLP Letter, Tier 3 Comments, Proposed Regional Blender Pump Program June 13, 2013

To: State Representatives

From: Larry Pearce, David Terry

Subject: Draft MLP Letter, Tier 3 Comments, and Proposed Regional Blender Pump Program

Draft MLP Letter, Tier 3 Comments, Proposed Regional Blender Pump Program

Attached is a draft letter from the coalition supporting the Master Limited Partnership Parity Act bill that was introduced in the Senate and House last month. The MLP bill would allow biofuel projects to receive the same benefits as traditional energy sources. The legislation also allows a range of transportation fuels to qualify, including cellulosic and biodiesel fuels. An excellent summary of the bill prepared by Senator Coons’ staff is attached.

Please share any comments on the draft at your earliest convenience. The draft will be on next Friday’s conference call agenda.

We are also working on the draft comments from the coalition on EPA’s proposed Tier 3 Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards. We hope to have the draft comments to you for review early next week. The draft comments will also be on next week’s conference call agenda. The deadline for the comments is July 1.

We’ll also brief you during the call on the proposed regional blender pump program. Our blender pump presentations to the Midwest Governors’ Association meeting in Racine late last month are also attached.

Talk to you next Friday.

MLP GBC (draft 2) MLP Parity Act Summary – 113th Congress GBC Proposed Blender Pump Program GBC Regional Blender Pump Program-Racine MGA