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Governors' Biofuels Coalition
Conference Call Proposed Regional Flex Fuel Pump Program August 8, 2013


Dave Buchholz’s CMAQ/Flex Fuel Pump Initiative is available at GBC_FlexFuelInitiative.  Dave did an excellent job outlining strategies and options that we can discuss during our call on Thursday at 10:00 CT, 11:00 ET. The call in number is (800) 747-5150, access is 3951076.



To: Hunter Roberts (South Dakota), Kevin Hennessey, Will Seffert, Charlie Poster (Minnesota); Agnes Mrozowski (Illinois); Todd Sneller (Nebraska); Robert Stout (Missouri); Maria Redmond (Wisconsin); Thad Geiger (Kansas) Julie Vande Hoef, Doug Hoelscher (Iowa); Dave Buchholz, David & Associates; Greg Krissek, ICM

From: Larry Pearce, David Terry

Subject: 10:00 am CT, Thursday, August 15 Conference Call, Proposed Regional Flex Fuel Pump Program

Call in information: (800) 747-5150, access 3951076

For several months, the Coalition has been working with Iowa on the development of a flex fuel pump program to offer consumers a range of ethanol blends for use in flex fuel vehicles. The Coalition would like to expand this effort across the region to build momentum and visibility, and Governor Branstad is asking other governors to join in this effort. The proposed program will send an important signal to the nation’s automakers and biofuel producers about the states’ commitment to expanding ethanol market opportunities.

We will host a call to provide an overview of the initiative, work with interested states to expand the program, and assist in planning governor announcements and messaging. The call will be held next Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. CT. Proposed marketing ideas, messages, and logos will be sent to you before the call.


Overview – Send a strong signal to the biofuels industry and automakers affirming support for expanding ethanol markets; focus on flex-pump and mid-level blends that allows consumers greater choice; prepare for future potential of displacing greater amounts high-cost aromatics. In addition, opening new ethanol markets aids in economic development for the ethanol industry, farmers, and others, and improves air quality and energy security.


Governors Commitment to the Flex Fuel Pump Initiative – provide visibility, shared regional message, logo, and marketing; complements – avoid duplication – ongoing state, industry, and non-profit ethanol promotion efforts (e.g., Clean Cities)

Leverage Existing Funding and Efforts – Combine various state and private infrastructure and marketing funding; supplement with CMAQ funding for two reasons: 1) provide additional flexible funds to states with limited resources; 2) makes the link between the clean air benefits of ethanol with existing EPA emissions requirements in non-attainment areas or those areas soon to be designated as non-attainment.

Next steps:

Draft letter to governors inviting their participation

Coordinate and pool funding (cash and in-kind) for regional marketing activities

Coordinate multi-governor announcement in September, followed by additional governors later in the year

Produce educational materials on the energy, economic, air, and health benefits of mid-level ethanol blends used on FFVs

Proactive education initiative with the industry and other partners