New study links ultrafine particulates in gasoline  to heart disease

Source: By Urban Air Initiative • Posted: Monday, March 2, 2015

A new health study released this week further validates the work of Urban Air Initiative.

The study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives link unregulated ultrafine particulates (UFP’s) from vehicle emissions to heart disease. After reviewing the study, its data shows a higher percentage of UFP’s are associated to gasoline over diesel.

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For several years, UAI has worked to expose the dangers UFP’s have on health and the fact that a primary contributor is the gasoline we use today.

We continue to work towards improving the quality of our gasoline by reducing toxic aromatics such as benzene which create UFP’s and replacing them with clean burning ethanol.

We’ve tried working directly with the EPA on regulating a change and are now involved in legal proceedings in an effort to improve air quality and open the market to ethanol.  Studies like this further prove we are on the right track and that change is critical for the health of future generations.